Monday, 26 May 2008

I'm just sitting here

Converting files for a video. I can't do much because Jack (my iMac) is busy converting, and I can't leave because there are lots of files and I can't queue them.

So I'm bored.

So I'm writing this.

I'm actually quite excited about the video, it's going to be quite a lot of work, probably more than anything I've done yet, but it should be really good. I was going to do a video for 'Dance on' now that I have it recorded properly, but I decided to leave that until the EP is done, I'll release a video for all of the songs, say one a week, that's the best promotion I can give it. So instead I'm doing an old song, 'The Promise' as it's never been on YouTube.

I recorded all the video parts today, assuming I didn't forget or mess one up. It's going to be a split screen like the Strokes video I did, but I'm going to be more ambitious with the editing, a little conversation between the four of me... We'll see how that goes, might drop it if it turns out I'm not that good!

I'm really hoping to get it done tomorrow then I can upload it before I leave... I'm going to London by the way. On Wednesday, just to see family, which unfortunately means no Glasgow gathering. I really want to go up for it, but I see some of these relatives even less often than I see the youtubers. Oh well, there will be always be another chance. That's why I like being in England, it's not too big.

Veggie week is over . I did the whole week without too much trouble. I worry that Ben and other vegetarians that know I've done it will be more disappointed that I have done it and gone back to eating meat than if I hadn't done anything. But I can't make myself believe in something, and that's the kind of thing you really have to believe in. I just thought if I did the week it would be some publicity for it. Sounds pretty stupid, but I only heard about it from Ben's video, hell he could have made it up for all I know! So I think a few people probably did it because of my video.

I do apologise to anyone who's read all of this. It's meaningless and insignificant. I guess most blogs are, but mine are quite long too! I've even just remembered a topic I was going to write about, but I think I'll spare you for now.

I'll leave you with my current favourite song, 'The joy in forgetting, the joy in acceptance' by Bright Eyes. It's not pretty, but it's beautiful.

There is a cat in the window, of the house of my lover.
Well she sleeps there alone now, or perhaps with another.
Oh I try not to think about that,
I try not to think at all.
I get cocaine from a girl I met,
And my brother buys me alcohol,
And I stay up all night walking through,
These houses I have grown to hate
And my parents ask if I'm all right
I say "I've just been staying up too late."
I need to sleep.
I need to do something, to get this awful weight up off my chest
And keep her pretty ghost from chasing me...

**music descends into chaos, out of which comes a piano playing two strong, slow chords...

So you say there are spaces open and wide.
Believe me there's days longer than nights.
And you will be happy the minute you try...
But you don't try. No you don't try.

And you speak of a fever, that burns you inside.
As you explain to your mother, how you wanted to die.
So she kisses your fingers, says "My Darling but why?
When there is so much more. There is so much more.
Do you know there are spaces, open and wide.
Oh believe me, there's days, longer than nights.
And you will be happy, if only you'd try.
Oh won't you try? Won't you try?


Mandy Kelly said...

People won't be disappointed. You did the week. A lot of people wouldn't even try it. You were open-minded about it and honest about why you were doing it.
It's not a view that can be forced on people. It's a life-changing decision that no one can make for you. Do what you want. I don't like meat, but enjoy seafood... I am still not willing to give that up!

"It’s not pretty, but it’s beautiful."
As soon as I read that, I thought: 'I like Dave.'

Also, I believe you meant 'Bright Eyes'...


Jesse said...

Your new video turned out great Dave. Talented fellow aren't you :3

brokenpledge said...

Great job Dave! =)

Blue Skies fan :p said...

You named your iMac? haha
How cute!

Superhands said...

The video turned out amazing,Well done Dave! =D

I named my guitar ,Emma : )

Riff Randall said...

my turtles name is Jack.....

eva said...

hehe thats mega cute that you named your imac xD I name loads of stuff computer is called Miranda :) Jack and Miranda would make a cute couple, wouldn't they?! =P my phone is called Liz and my bros guitar Noel! My first diary/notebook thingy is Jasper and the second one Heath. :DI'm thinking of calling my iPod Dave, I don't really know why though cuz I don't know anyone called Dave and there is no one with any musical talent called Dave...... =P

Karianne said...

Do you know what chords he is playng in The Joy In Acceptance?

I'm trying to play it and i cannot find it anywhere.