Friday, 27 February 2009


Video's up! Took until 5am to correct and re-upload, but I'm happy with it now, and it's doing alright considering it went up at a silly time.

Now I have to make a video for 4G&M and upload it before getting ready to go to London at 2:00.



Just when you think it's over!

I've been working on this video for a long time. I finished it tonight, exported it (which took an age) uploaded it, then once it had processed I watched it and I noticed a mistake. It was less than half a second long and nobody would have noticed it, and if they did they would have thought it was intentional because it didn't look that bad. This is what I was telling myself in my head as I clicked onto the 'my videos' section, then I was telling myself 'Don't do it. Don't do it. Don't do it. Don't do it...' As I clicked delete.

I can't even explain to myself why I did that. It's gonna take hours to get it sorted and live again, but I just couldn't stand watching that half a second. I'm not even a perfectionist most of the time. I've uploaded plenty of stuff that I knew could be improved upon and it's not bothered me but sometimes I just get on one and, well... Stuff like this happens.

Well I have a plan anyway. I'll leave it uploading and go to bed. When I wake up, assuming it all worked, it will have been there for too long to take it down again. I caught it this time with only one or two comments.

Thing is I love this video. I think it's really good. And although I sometimes act like an arrogant prick, it is an act - mainly for comedic purposes but also to help me with my confidence, because really I'm far more inclined to criticise rather than celebrate my own work. Hell, I was 21 before I started performing songs in front of people, been playing the guitar since I was 10, what does that tell you? That's why the old youtube really helped me to begin with - it's easy to force yourself to record a video and make yourself upload it. Whereas if I was at an open mic night or something, people would say 'Go play a song!' And I'd always be like 'Yeah, maybe later...' But I've found acting confident can make you confident. It's kinda tied in with my 'just fucking do it' technique.

Don't even know what I'm talking about now. The bottom line is this video is well good. Unfortunately that doesn't seem to matter that much for me in terms of how successful it will be. For cover songs it just depends if they get in a good search result... Iris is in the first page of the search 'Iris goo goo dolls' and so it gets a lot of views. Others got in a good spot for a couple of weeks as a 'recent video' and so did pretty well then died down, and some just get seen by my subscribers. Then my original songs, well they get around my sub number in the first couple of weeks, the old ones are now all around 30,000 views, which is great! If you'd told me that a year ago and all that... But I do look around at other musicians on the site who seem to get 5 - 10 times as many views as they have subscribers and I just wonder where they all come from.

I just wish the way youtube worked encouraged people to push themselves. Like when PJ's animation got featured a few weeks back I was so happy because it was one of the best things I've seen on the site, but it could easily not have been featured and gone relatively unnoticed. It seems it's more important to be quirky and topical (and of course put sex in the tags) than to be creative and talented.

This isn't news to me and I'm sure it's not to you. I'm always aware of it and I accept it because, well you have to don't you? Plus I think the only way to make the site work for you is to compare it to other sites/mediums not compare your channel to other peoples, because some work better for youtube than others, but it doesn't really mean anything. I'm sure there are a load of musicians way better than me who have youtube pages but haven't enjoyed half as much success, just because I've figured out how to make the site work for me (and spent way too much time on it!) Likewise I'll never be up there with WhatTheBuck and Davedays because they're so perfectly suited to youtube, but it's still brought me success I probably wouldn't have found elsewhere and that's the point. That, and I'd rather aim to be the creative and talented one rather than the quirky, topical one even if it means being less successful. (Not that there's anything particularly wrong with being quirky or topical.)

Oh my God. Ramble, ramble, ramble! I can only apologise.
I'm just gonna stop.


Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Just got featured...

On a different channel, with the most ridiculous video I've ever made. But hey better than not getting featured.

Anyway, I got this email because of it so I thought I'd show you while I answer it.

Well, I've got a few questions.
You're obviously not answering any of them because you never do.
Well, I'm Mafalda.
An annoying 13-year-old from Portugal (I bet you didn't eve knew that was a country)
I come from a different planet (NOT)

Why are you (almost) blond ?
Why do you make funny songs ?
What's your problem with cute squirrels ?
Why were you born ?
Why do you have little dimples when you smile ?
Why is your guittar so weird ?
Why do hate the world ?
Why were you one of the Beatles ?
Why do look like someone who doesn't like the Addams Family ?

I ran out of stupid questions to ask.

So, there are the Q's here come the A's...

I'm not almost blond.
I make funny songs because I enjoy it. I also make serious songs.
I have no problem with squirrels, cute or otherwise.
I was born because my sister wasn't good enough.
I have dimples because they make me irresistible to the opposite sex.
It's not.
I don't.
I wasn't.
Because I know Wednesday and the last text she sent me said 'You're a prick" with no explanation.

Now then Mafalda, allow me to throw a few questions your way.

Why do you assume I never answer emails when you've never emailed me before?
Why are you annoying?
How could anyone not know that Portugal is a country?
Why are you using NOT jokes that belong in the 90's?

And the answer to the last one had better be "Because I just watched Wayne's World and it was fucking awesome."

Tuesday, 24 February 2009


... Has free buses! I think I might move there just for that!

Actually it is rather lovely, there's loads of old castle type buildings just sticking out in the middle of all the new shops and offices. I could definitely see myself moving that way one day. I mean, look at the sunset:

Taken on my phone, so not the best quality but you get the gist - it's fucking beautiful.

By the way, good news - I can get pictures off my phone again! Haven't been able to since the software on my pc decided for no good reason to stop recognising that there was a phone attached to one of the usb ports. But I just gave it a go with Jack the Mac who came through for me like an absolute legend... Bluetooth>connected>there's your picture>can I help you with anything else? "No thanks Jack, lets just write a blog. I'll mention how awesome you are."

Hmm, that was an odd paragraph.

So I saw Greg Holden in London on Thursday. It was a good night and I'm glad I got to see him before he heads off to New York. Room was a bit packed but the music was top.

The following day we headed down south and basically had party times for a few days. Got to see Dom for the second time, and he stayed the night this time which was better. Saw Ian for the God-know-how-many-th time, but I'd gone three weeks (bitofaguess) without seeing him which is a long time by our standards as of late... It's got to the point where it feels weird after about a week of not seeing him. Reminds me of being at uni, which reminds me that I need to go up north to see those guys soon, it's been too long. It's always been too long.

I'm not going to start naming people I'm glad I saw, because it's all of them, or things we did because there are many. Let's just say I spent a few day among friends and it was good.

Apparently we missed a gathering in Bath, which is a shame, I've never been there. Ah well, I'll go down there some day to kidnap Mr Coollike and force all of his subscribers to pay me £10 before I let him make a video. It's a foolproof plan.

Today I've been working on this cover song, should have it finished by tomorrow, then I'll start working on a video. It's quite a famous band and recent song so I want to make the video good as I think it could do well. But me thinking that probably means it won't! But either way, I got to use sugar, raisins and pumpkin seeds for percussion. Good times.


Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Oh hello!

I thought I'd write an entry as it's been a while. Not that you care, but I like to keep in the habit.

I've just been busy writing songs and making videos, so I've not had much to write about. I got very inspired last night and wrote the start of something that is fairly different but I really like it. Of course I have plenty of time to spoil it! If it even gets finished, I'm very bad at finishing songs. Got enough first verses to last me a lifetime, but I only just fill out a set of full original songs.

My latest distraction from writing blogs, to go along with twitter, is called dailybooth. Basically it's taking pictures, and you can reply to other people's pictures with your own, and/or text too of course. I quite enjoy it. Of course it's not necessary, but it's there and it's a nice way to communicate and to share pictures. I do love photos and have never been that impressed with flickr or any similar websites because of lack of possible communication, so I think dailybooth has a chance of sticking around.

I need to write a funny song for Red Nose Day. I'm planning something quite big with a few friends, which should be result in good times. The song is just a part of it, but I need to get that written first! So if you have any topic suggestions leave them in the comments.

Going to see Greg Holden on Thursday, which should be great. If you're around London you should come and say hi. The following day The Travelling Band are playing in London too... I should really be gone by then but they are so good I'm tempted to try to fit it in. I somehow need to make a video on Friday as well. That should be... Interesting!

p.s. I wish youtube would keep maintenance day the same day of the week every time. You never know where you are anymore!

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Twenty three

Not long ago it became the 10th which makes it currently my birthday.

And I'm not out partying, I'm sat here listening to a Stephen Fry talk from that Apple event the other day. Haha, boring old bastard!

Today I've been getting stuck into a cover song I've been meaning to do for a while. One huge advantage of recording songs over videos... You can look a mess! I'll probably continue working on it tomorrow. As it's my Birthday I could take the day to do anything I want, but then I can't think of anything I'd rather do!

It's nice to be doing what you love.

But of course the currently rounded state of my age must have me looking back with wonder at the pick pocket of time who must have made off with my last year, because surely it's not over already! Just as much of a cliché, I'm worried about looking the other way. Although it's lovely to be able to pursue musical ambitions, and this last year has granted me more success in that field than I could possibly have hoped for as I turned twenty two, I am concerned that it may not be able to sustain me in a life where I pay rent and bills and generally be an adult. Whether because of the constant stream of maths running through my head, forming equations of the sort: if I can make an EP/album every so many months and this many people buy it for that much money then would I be able to afford both rent AND food? Or perhaps just because living off something I enjoy seems to good to possibly be true.

Well whether or not, there will be far less question marks in my maths after I release a few things, so I must concentrate on that. I think it's taken me so long because I'm nervous. I get distracted on other projects because I'm worried about the next step: selling music. I don't know what it is that makes me fret but I'll have to get passed it. I have a good method for getting passed mental blocks, it's called the 'just fucking do it technique'.

Once upon a time I was nervous about playing music in front of people, so I got some gigs - that forced me to get over it. About a year and a half ago I was nervous about posting a video on youtube, I've made about six this week! I swear by that technique. If you stumbled across this blog looking for wisdom, well firstly you are well and truly lost, but that is the advice I offer you... If you think something is worth doing and will have a positive impact on your life, but for whatever reason you're nervous about it, just fucking do it.

This ends the 'Dave's advice' section of the blog. Never come to me with problems - I either don't care or will have nothing helpful to say. Unless the phrase 'just fucking do it' would be helpful, and I've already imparted that pearl of wisdom to every one of you.

Goodness, forgive me for rambling on, but I'm old, you see. Ah, 41 years old according to Wednesday's twitter post. Guess that means the Wednesday joke will be continuing for some time.

Speaking of twitter, that's a whole lot of happy birthday messages! I fear I will not be able to thank you all, so here you can share this one, ready? ... Thanks! =)

Stephen Fry's birthday is going to break the internet.

Well then, those who read till the end get to be wished a good night by way of a reward...



p.s. Greg Holden gig, 19th, Monkey Chews in London, see you there?

Monday, 9 February 2009


I have two videos ready to be uploaded. This is very unlike me! I've just been in quite a productive mood.

I'm crediting it to the fact that I've forced myself to stay in Derby for a while. This came about when a couple of weeks ago I realised I couldn't remember the last weekend I hadn't done something like go to London, or go to Ireland, or Sheffield or Manchester... Or have a New Years party in my house.

Don't get me wrong, I love doing all those things, but if you leave on Friday and get back on Monday that's half the week gone! I only posted one video between mid December and February on my main channel, I aim to post once every week so that's pretty much a complete and utter failure.

But the stay at home policy has done the trick, February is only 8 days old and I've done two videos for my main channel, one for davefromblueskies and one for fourguysandmhazz. Plus two that are practically finished and will be uploaded once current videos have had some time to get seen.

In a way it's nice knowing I have things ready, but I'm so impatient when I've made something new - I want people to see/hear it right away! So it's not easy holding them back. I think I'll put one up tomorrow though, Today will have been up 4 days then. The next one is only about 30 seconds long and has no editing at all, but I think it's kinda funny.

Anyway, in real life news my sister has been here this weekend and will be until my birthday (Tuesday) which is nice. On the subject of my birthday, it's official: I am old. I don't mean because I'm turning 23, although that is ridiculous... I mean because I don't give a crap about birthdays anymore. I heard Alex say that each birthday should be more exciting than the last because you're one year older each time. Utter bollocks.

Everything is more exciting when you're a kid. Birthdays are like a great song that gets totally overplayed. I don't hate them like some people (people who wish they were younger) because I appreciate that I'm the same one day older when I wake up that morning as any other, but there's nothing particularly exciting about them either. All they do is count how many years you've managed to not die... I have better things to celebrate.

Still, feel free to send me presents that don't require me giving out my address on the internet!

Bedtime now.


p.s. Added a few more tracks to mediafire. Older ones - White Stripes, Get Cape, Killers... A few others. Go, download, show your friends!

Thursday, 5 February 2009

This is just too good!

Honestly, I can't even tell you how good this is... Just... Read!
If the pictures are too small, click on them for full size.

It all started with this comment on the fourguysandmhazz channel:

To which someone replied, "We got Smosh to give us a shoutout."

He asked how and was informed that Tom was Ian from Smosh's cousin. This leads us on to,

Now I know what you're thinking, THIS IS VERY FUNNY. But wait, we have a new player about to enter the game!

We have no more say in it, so I'll just give you the rest of the conversation between the two of them...

So there you have it. Idiocy, greed, gullibility, jealousy, wild delusions, hypocrisy and selfishness, that ladies and gentlemen, is the greatest story ever told... Though the medium of youtube comments.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Best dream EVER

I was sat outside at a table in the middle of some music festival. With me was my friend Joe, a couple of people I can't remember, and Ben Kweller.

He was playing us a new song and I was about a yard away. What's funny is the song doesn't actually exist, so presumably my subconscious mind wrote it specially for the occasion.

Was pretty gutted to wake up really. Still, it was fun while it lasted.


p.s. Just found Ben has twitter! I'm beginning to love that site.

p.p.s. Also just found that his new album was being released literally as I dreamt about him! That's a bit crazy.

Monday, 2 February 2009

Rather beautiful

That would be the world today. Well England at least. Here is my garden earlier on:

I went out to film a song, didn't know it that well so the performance wasn't perfect, but it fits really well and who knows when I'll get to sing in the snow again?

The sun is down now and the white has gone that lovely blue colour... You know, this one:

That's a rose in the foreground. If you pay attention to song lyrics you know of the rose outside my window.

My new video isn't doing particularly well. They never seem to anymore... The last one - Julia Nunes cover, is over 2 weeks old and still has less views than I have subscribers.
Ah well, at least it's snowing. Plus I quite like the song, and that's all that really matters.


I'm all for widescreen, but this is just ridiculous!

I've got an advert covering my guitar and this new annoying annotation editor down to my eyes. Pretty soon we will all be reduced to floating chins. FLOATING CHINS I TELL YOU!