Tuesday, 24 February 2009


... Has free buses! I think I might move there just for that!

Actually it is rather lovely, there's loads of old castle type buildings just sticking out in the middle of all the new shops and offices. I could definitely see myself moving that way one day. I mean, look at the sunset:

Taken on my phone, so not the best quality but you get the gist - it's fucking beautiful.

By the way, good news - I can get pictures off my phone again! Haven't been able to since the software on my pc decided for no good reason to stop recognising that there was a phone attached to one of the usb ports. But I just gave it a go with Jack the Mac who came through for me like an absolute legend... Bluetooth>connected>there's your picture>can I help you with anything else? "No thanks Jack, lets just write a blog. I'll mention how awesome you are."

Hmm, that was an odd paragraph.

So I saw Greg Holden in London on Thursday. It was a good night and I'm glad I got to see him before he heads off to New York. Room was a bit packed but the music was top.

The following day we headed down south and basically had party times for a few days. Got to see Dom for the second time, and he stayed the night this time which was better. Saw Ian for the God-know-how-many-th time, but I'd gone three weeks (bitofaguess) without seeing him which is a long time by our standards as of late... It's got to the point where it feels weird after about a week of not seeing him. Reminds me of being at uni, which reminds me that I need to go up north to see those guys soon, it's been too long. It's always been too long.

I'm not going to start naming people I'm glad I saw, because it's all of them, or things we did because there are many. Let's just say I spent a few day among friends and it was good.

Apparently we missed a gathering in Bath, which is a shame, I've never been there. Ah well, I'll go down there some day to kidnap Mr Coollike and force all of his subscribers to pay me £10 before I let him make a video. It's a foolproof plan.

Today I've been working on this cover song, should have it finished by tomorrow, then I'll start working on a video. It's quite a famous band and recent song so I want to make the video good as I think it could do well. But me thinking that probably means it won't! But either way, I got to use sugar, raisins and pumpkin seeds for percussion. Good times.



Elena said...

Greg Holden is absolutely amazing!
Personally I'm excited he's in New York, its a tad bit closer to me and I shall be going there soon!

Stoked for the new video!

Jon said...

Lol, I loved that paragraph about Jack!

I agree Southampton is nice.