Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Twenty three

Not long ago it became the 10th which makes it currently my birthday.

And I'm not out partying, I'm sat here listening to a Stephen Fry talk from that Apple event the other day. Haha, boring old bastard!

Today I've been getting stuck into a cover song I've been meaning to do for a while. One huge advantage of recording songs over videos... You can look a mess! I'll probably continue working on it tomorrow. As it's my Birthday I could take the day to do anything I want, but then I can't think of anything I'd rather do!

It's nice to be doing what you love.

But of course the currently rounded state of my age must have me looking back with wonder at the pick pocket of time who must have made off with my last year, because surely it's not over already! Just as much of a cliché, I'm worried about looking the other way. Although it's lovely to be able to pursue musical ambitions, and this last year has granted me more success in that field than I could possibly have hoped for as I turned twenty two, I am concerned that it may not be able to sustain me in a life where I pay rent and bills and generally be an adult. Whether because of the constant stream of maths running through my head, forming equations of the sort: if I can make an EP/album every so many months and this many people buy it for that much money then would I be able to afford both rent AND food? Or perhaps just because living off something I enjoy seems to good to possibly be true.

Well whether or not, there will be far less question marks in my maths after I release a few things, so I must concentrate on that. I think it's taken me so long because I'm nervous. I get distracted on other projects because I'm worried about the next step: selling music. I don't know what it is that makes me fret but I'll have to get passed it. I have a good method for getting passed mental blocks, it's called the 'just fucking do it technique'.

Once upon a time I was nervous about playing music in front of people, so I got some gigs - that forced me to get over it. About a year and a half ago I was nervous about posting a video on youtube, I've made about six this week! I swear by that technique. If you stumbled across this blog looking for wisdom, well firstly you are well and truly lost, but that is the advice I offer you... If you think something is worth doing and will have a positive impact on your life, but for whatever reason you're nervous about it, just fucking do it.

This ends the 'Dave's advice' section of the blog. Never come to me with problems - I either don't care or will have nothing helpful to say. Unless the phrase 'just fucking do it' would be helpful, and I've already imparted that pearl of wisdom to every one of you.

Goodness, forgive me for rambling on, but I'm old, you see. Ah, 41 years old according to Wednesday's twitter post. Guess that means the Wednesday joke will be continuing for some time.

Speaking of twitter, that's a whole lot of happy birthday messages! I fear I will not be able to thank you all, so here you can share this one, ready? ... Thanks! =)

Stephen Fry's birthday is going to break the internet.

Well then, those who read till the end get to be wished a good night by way of a reward...



p.s. Greg Holden gig, 19th, Monkey Chews in London, see you there?


Starr said...

I keep forgetting about the time difference!

Happy birthday, Dave! You're one of the reasons that I love UK Youtubers. And UK Youtubers being one of the reasons I love Youtube, it's not meant to belittle you at all.

Hope your day is filled with lots of happy things and the like, and that you're asleep by the time I finish posting this comment.

Lots of platonic, Internets love--

Veela said...

Happy birthday Daveface! 23 is not old dammit I'll be turning 23 in two years! I refuse to think I only have two years of youth left.

Kali said...

This bit made me laugh for 2 minutes:

"If you stumbled across this blog looking for wisdom, well firstly you are well and truly lost"


Happy Birthday! I love your music, covers and everything.

Mette Sofie said...

i just want to say;
Gratlerer masse med dagen!!!!
and also that wisdom sometimes is overrated. it is nice to read a bunch of "nothing" sometimes too! ;)

...and just in case you are incredibly slow..; that first thing i said means happy birthday. (in norwegian..)

Emily North said...

i like ur advise its very useful.

Sadaofujiwarasan said...

Happy Birthday!! Have lots of fun doing what you love and what i love from you, music!

munchkinhugs said...

Happy day of birth mate :)

Sandra said...

Happy Birthday. :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Dave!

I wouldn't worry about the future too much, This might seem patronising since I've still got my youth, but like a year ago would you have ever expected to have slept on so many floors in different parts of the country? Things that you could never even think about'll happen so just kinda..live in the now I guess...

Anonymous said...

i'll pay 1000 pounds for every album you release. how's that? will that help with rent and stuff?


Sofia said...

happy birthday, Dave! I just noticed that we share our b-days, I turned 17 yesterday ^^