Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Best dream EVER

I was sat outside at a table in the middle of some music festival. With me was my friend Joe, a couple of people I can't remember, and Ben Kweller.

He was playing us a new song and I was about a yard away. What's funny is the song doesn't actually exist, so presumably my subconscious mind wrote it specially for the occasion.

Was pretty gutted to wake up really. Still, it was fun while it lasted.


p.s. Just found Ben has twitter! I'm beginning to love that site.

p.p.s. Also just found that his new album was being released literally as I dreamt about him! That's a bit crazy.


Will said...

genious, i played a new song in a dream once... cant remember it though

amy said...

thankyou for alerting me to Ben Kweller on Twitter. I am eternally grateful

seanieblogblog said...

What kinda legend can wear a t-shirt with his own name on it and actually get away with it? ^_^

Dave said...

Does my Blue Skies t shirt count? If so, just me and Ben. =P

Emily North said...

LOL I once had a dream that Amy Lee wanted me to sing on stage with her and it was a song that doesn't exist as well... It was an awesome song!
Dreams create good songs.