Monday, 2 February 2009

Rather beautiful

That would be the world today. Well England at least. Here is my garden earlier on:

I went out to film a song, didn't know it that well so the performance wasn't perfect, but it fits really well and who knows when I'll get to sing in the snow again?

The sun is down now and the white has gone that lovely blue colour... You know, this one:

That's a rose in the foreground. If you pay attention to song lyrics you know of the rose outside my window.

My new video isn't doing particularly well. They never seem to anymore... The last one - Julia Nunes cover, is over 2 weeks old and still has less views than I have subscribers.
Ah well, at least it's snowing. Plus I quite like the song, and that's all that really matters.


Sadaofujiwarasan said...

I'm one of your subscribers that doesn't watch your videos... or any videos. My audio isn't working, sucks for me. But i do listen to your songs on my ipod, does that count? I'm a fan, you're awesome! Take care Dave =)

munchkinhugs said...

The first image was so pretty. The second was nice also, but I liked the first better.

I wish it snowed where I life =(

ariel said...

if you're ever needing more snow, let me know
i can ship a foot or two your way if you'd like.

Emily North said...

Ohh wow, the snow is beautiful!
I love it when it catches the blue tones. So pretty!

You do have a rose outside your window!
I did wonder whether it was really there or if the line was symbolic for something else.

Your lyrics are beautiful, how can you not pay attention to them?

Anonymous said...

i've never seen snow in my life and i love your music, so don't worry about the views.

they're still very much appreciated.