Monday, 29 September 2008


I've been holding off getting a twitter because I have too many sites, but I went on there today to take the name MusicFromBlueSkies so if I did want to use it I could have it, plus so nobody else could get it and be a fake Dave (like the bebo account I just got deleted). Anyway, it turns out the username is too long so I took fromblueskies instead so it kind of looks like 'twitter from blue skies'. I dunno - everything else was taken!

ANYWAY none of that is the point. The point is as soon as I confirmed my email I was taken through to the site and it seems without doing ANYTHING I'm already following Barry Aldridge! Just look at what greeted me...

Remember Worcester?

A three car convoy for a three hour drive. We all met the family we'd never see again. It was the hundredth time we'd seen them play live, but that's not why we were there.
"We're with the band." Holding up a guitar.
"Yeah, come in lads - there's an open bar!"
Food, free rooms and an inflatable slide, which if you're going to break your toe, must be the best way. Each painful step takes you back to the moment you'd say, 'the most sensible thing to do at this point, is for us four to race around this inflatable slide.' And that's a beautiful moment to be remember.

Even outrageous hangovers, early checkouts and a three hour drive the less exciting way couldn't take the smiles from our faces.

Phone conversation between cars (with poor reception):

Which way do we go?
No right turn.
Right? What? Which way?!
NO RIGHT TURN *points to 'no right turn' sign in front*
Straight? There's no fucking road straight! Fuck it, I'll get out and ask them.
Ah. No right turn. Left then.

This was a strange and nostalgic post for which I apologise, but I'm in a strange and nostalgic mood tonight.

Ha, Adam always referred to that weekend as 'If Carlsberg made parties.'

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Got a bit of a cold

It's barely anything, but I can't sing. As a singer this is quite annoying. I have a cover song all ready apart from the vocals. I really like it an I'm excited about uploading it but now I have to wait and I don't even know how long for.

I had a thought the other day when I was on a lifeboat off the south coast of England. I remembered getting the mystery package, right at the start before I knew who was behind it or even that anyone else had got one, and I thought, I never saw this coming. Who would have thought where the journey that began with a mystery package would have lead to?

Well I was just reading Ian's blog and I had a similar thought. I first met Ian in Bristol during a 6 hour live broadcast from inside a glass box. He drove for a couple of hours to come see us just for the hell of it (I think that's the case, could be wrong!) and now he's a proper friend whose house I stayed at the other day.

I like to think about when I first met people, Mhazz is another one I remember, she found me through my Hot Hot Heat cover and told me she wrote her youtube link on the singer's shopping list.

Remembering how little things start friendships is cool because you start to look at all the little things that happen in your day and wonder what could happen as a result.

In other news I privated a few more old videos. I realised something, hater comments don't get to me on videos that I'm totally (or at least close to) happy with, but they do when a little part of me agrees with what they're saying, even if they are saying it in a manner that can only be described as 'cuntish'. So a few more have gone, now that I have quite a lot of videos I don't think it matters that much. In fact it's quite good to see that none of the ones I want to private were uploaded since I got my new camera, so they are all over five months old, which is at least some indication that my videos are getting better.

Lately I haven't been so happy when going through comments and stuff because I'm always thinking the next thing I see will be someone telling me I can't sing, and usually I'm right. But hopefully that should have changed now because it's only a few videos that I get those comments on and now they're gone. Last time I did this people persuaded me to put reptilia back, I know a lot of people like it and it probably did attract a lot of new people to my page, but the comments do grind me down. So I'm definitely not putting it back for a while. Most people who care that much should have downloaded it by now anyway. Oh speaking of, I changed the songs on my covers myspace, so go have a look, there should be some you don't have.

Goodbye lovely people, if you can't think of what to wish for when you see that first star tonight then I'll take a healthy throat for tomorrow please and thank you.


Sunday, 21 September 2008


So I'm sat on my own in a computer room at Winchester university. Didn't see that one coming!

I'm actually with Ian but he's gone to sort some stuff out, should be back in ten minutes or so, and Tom will be joining us later on too. We just decided to extend the little weekend get together a little longer as my train ticket is an open return.

Since I have some time here I may as well start back on Friday.

On Friday I went to Poole at the invitation of the Royal National Lifeboat Institute, also known as 'mystery package people'. The weekend was basically one of questions and answers in both directions, but the main aim was to answer the question of 'who are you?' that had been directed at them from so many youtubers. So they sent out train tickets and we used them. Not feeling all that great but happy to be well enough to go, I took a five hour train journey to the south coast. In Southampton my train split in half. This was planned, which is far less problematic than an unplanned split in half, but still it confused me as both halves seemed to be going to Poole. So basically I guessed and guessed wrong, meaning I went the slower way. However at a very similar time Charlie was writing a blog, which perhaps some of you read, that included the line, "I MISSED MY STOP SHIT"and going beyond Poole from the other direction had to go back on himself which meant getting on my train... Of course neither of us knew this until we stepped onto the platform and saw each other just a few carriages apart.

We had a wonder around and found the RNLI college that we were staying at, even though at one point a very large fence almost had us beaten. we walked in and saw three people looking at us and after a few moments of awkward, they decided that yes; we were those people off of the internet.

That night we just relaxed with a few drinks. People kept appearing at irregular intervals and by the end of the night Johnny Durham, Jazza, Mhazz, Ian, Tom and NSG had joined Charlie and myself.

I've just thought, if Ian doesn't come back... What would I do? I have no real idea where I am, no means of transportation and nowhere else to stay. Ah, I think that's his car - emergency over.

That night we all went to ASDA and bough birthday cake because at midnight it was both Johnny and NSG's birthdays, I was glad they both said they had really enjoyed their birthdays as they'd given up their normal plans to be with us.

On Saturday we had to get up ridiculously early (for me) to start doing things. Alex had already arrived by the time I got to breakfast having not slept that night but waited around Waterloo station for the first train. I won't go through everything in detail because this is already getting long and a video will follow but basically they showed us around the place. Oh and NSG "died in theory" but thankfully not in practice.

In the afternoon we went out on one of their lifeboats, which was so good. I haven't been on a boat in... Well I can't remember to be honest, I'm gonna say fifteen years. Living in Derby (pretty much the most central city in England) the opportunity doesn't arise very often. Or ever.

It was annoying having to wear all the gear but worth it when we went out one by one onto one of the smaller boats they have. I loved that part, the driver was jumping over waves and turning sharp corners, it was kind of like riding a horse because your feet were in stirrup style things. In fact, I'm going to put my reputation on the line and say that they were stirrups. But the main difference between the speedboat and the horse was probably the face full of water you got every now and then... But after the first one of those I realised that keeping the mouth firmly shut was sensible and I enjoyed the rest of the ride very much.

There were a few more tasks and talks when we got back, which I got through although I was outrageously tired. Then it was time for dinner and drinks, it was so good to relax again. That night Ian, Tom, Johnny and I stayed up in a totally empty building (apart from one creepy security guard who stuck to the shadows.) We played the piano, scrabble, seeing how much sugar Ian could get in his mouth... It was fun.

Sunday, everyone left at eleven apart from Charlie, Tom and me. We had a wonder around Poole (it's not great) and Tom and I planned with Ian to come here to Winchester. So that's brought me full circle, Ian and Tom are back, we are going to get pizza, so I will leave you there.

Back home tomorrow... Probably.

Thursday, 18 September 2008


I just got Coxxinated... via post!

I just posted this and forgot to blank out my address haha

I was meant to be singing today but I don't feel very well. Better be better tomorrow for Poole.

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

The reason I YouTube...

It's not for personal gain.

It's not for friends.

It's not for fans.

It's to make good numbers.

They'd fucking love that in China.

Next up eight-nine-ten.

Monday, 15 September 2008


I went. I am back home now.  I still have writing all over my body.

I'm terrible at remembering things but here's some memories:

  • Driving up with Ian

  • Seeing The Coxxinator's bedroom

  • Sleeping in The Coxxinator's bedroom with 5 other people

  • Waking up after the gathering had started

  • Meeting American Nick

  • Expanding TARDIR

  • Watching Stephen sniff Mhazz for a video (which took several takes due to laughter!)

  • Playing Jason Mraz

  • Missing Nic =(

  • Playing the Barry Aldridge drinking game

  • Getting very drunk

  • Surviving on one meal a day plus alcohol

  • Taking a bag full of stuff and only opening it once

  • Hugs

  • Talking to Chris, Levi and Drake on Skype.

  • Calling Levi Australian. GUTTED - probably hates me now.

  • Liam and Ginger Chris <3

  • Making drinks with Laura

  • Finding out that Glasgow has the worst taxi service in the world

  • Saying bye to Mhazz then realising I'll see her in less than a week!

  • Tino and Mark

  • Expanding the 'We hate Beth Club'

  • Ian driving for 41 seconds without touching the steering wheel

Thursday, 11 September 2008


Until recently I felt like I'd lost it somewhat. When I was at uni I didn't often plan things to do at weekends because usually someone would come to me on Friday afternoon with a plan that I couldn't say no to. Not being able to say no is a problem I have, but with this sort of thing I don't consider it a problem at all, deciding to do something just moments before you do it is one of my favourite things. Even during the week there were so many opportunities to do things 'just because', and I loved that.

But not having lectures most days that take me in towards the city, and not living with friends, I haven't had that feeling much. However yesterday I decided that tomorrow I'm going to Scotland, and today I decided that next weekend I'm going to Poole!

I had kind of planned to do nothing but finish my EP for the rest of this month, but I should still find plenty of time for that. Plus I haven't been to Scotland in... well it must be ten years, and I've never been to Poole! Plus Poole is free... Oh I don't suppose I've told you - Poole is where Mystery package people have invited some people to see what they do. It's the RNLI (lifeboat guys) by the way - the people behind it all.

Oh and Doug, I hate to be a let down but this did not take an hour. However it is pure gold material.

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Good news!

I took the sides off my computer and with a hoover and a hairdryer got enough dust out of it to make a bunny large enough to destroy the world. I did resist the urge to make said bunny for fear of said destruction.

ANYWAY now my computer works! How good is that?!

Didn't get much done today but I did tidy so now there is lots of room in my room which bodes well for a productive day tomorrow. Tidy room = productivity by the way, just in case you didn't know.

OH! While I'm here, short rant:


You know how usually in business, competition is good for the customers? Yeah well apparently not when it comes to broadcasting football. Once upon a time having sky meant you could see all the football you wanted. Now Setanta have come along and taken some games, so if you want to watch everything you have to buy both. That's not good! They should both have all the games, then it would be true competition based on who provides the better service and price, but no it's buy both or miss the England match. Well you know what, fuck you! I watched the tennis instead and it was way better. Shame it got rained off, but I'm looking forward to seeing the resolution tomorrow. Murray is playing Nadal by the way, and winning! One more set and he's in the final. I'm excited.



Friday, 5 September 2008

Guess what I did!

Exercise! I know - mental!

I went on the rowing machine, did about half an hour with regular fifteen minute breaks (to hold off the heart attack) but hey, it's a start!

Got my new charger so now the reason I'm not getting back to you is simply that I don't like you.

I'm currently editing a video. It's about 3:20 long and I have an hour of footage. And I'm doing split screens with only one timeline. FUN!


Tuesday, 2 September 2008


If anyone has any footage from the youstage festival I would love for you to send it to me. I want especially anything of my set or any big group shots. Videos or pictures would be great.

Also, don't feel you have to read all of the last post - I'm aware it's very long and not very well written, I just needed to write.


Another tired blog

I may give up on this and go to bed, but I wanted to try to write something tonight because it's good to write straight after whatever happened.

In this case what happened was the youstage festival/gathering. I've been to quite a few gatherings over the last nine months, but this one was particularly important to me because I put a lot of work into organising it and I was playing at it.

Having a three day event really made the mood fantastically relaxed - nobody was worrying about catching trains on time, there was no 'where should we go? What should we do?' talk, it was all so chilled out. The event itself was alright, there was some decent sounding music but nothing that really excited me. In fact the festival wasn't geared so much towards the music, that was just a part of it. There were more people wandering around the various other sections than there were in the crowds at the stages for the majority of the time. That's cool, I mean there was lots going on that you could enjoy, but if you took the gathering out of it I don't think I'd have enjoyed it as much as other festivals I've been to, ones that were more focused on the music.

But the gathering part was brilliant. We had our own camping section, and our own little area at the arena where Paul's art stuff was happening.

Anyway the first two days were just spent hanging out, talking, drinking, generally having a very good time. Then on Sunday we had a stage, which was indoors, above the bar in this 400 year old building - it was a pretty incredible setting. Tom and Ed played before me, both of whom I love and both of whom were fantastic. We weren't very good at keeping to a schedule so I rushed into my set after Ed's to try to make up the time. I was sat in front of the equipment, which is unusual but it was really good because that put me only a couple of yards away from the audience, which was the first I've played to that was so vastly made up of people who know me and the songs so well already. That was an incredible feeling, to hear people singing the words you wrote, loud enough to be heard over the big speakers.

Garnet, who had come over from Canada, played Alone Again on the guitar for me. He does it way better than me! We didn't practice it once, in fact I only heard him play it one time the night before, but I think it worked out really well.. apart from me knocking over me drink while making room for him on stage. I say stage... floor would be a more accurate description!

I was going to do 'Only Human' with Ed, I thought he was going to not do it in his so we'd play it in mine, but he did so we didn't. But I did get Miss Mhairi up to sing 'First day of my life' with me, which was nice. I really want to see some footage of the set because it's a bit of a blur. I get, as I assume everyone does, some kind of natural high (for which I don't know the term) from performing so I don't always remember it that well. Plus I got very, very drunk as soon as I had finished.

Mhazz said she was nervous singing like that - with mics and an audience - as opposed to the usual gathering style where the audience is whoever is within earshot. I've just been thinking about it and I think I'm the opposite. I was more comfortable on stage than I am in a random crowd. I think it's because you know they are there to see you, they can leave if they want. If people are just playing songs in a group sat on the floor I feel strange grabbing everyone's attention, don't get me wrong I love a good sing along session, but I'm more comfortable on a stage. Though I'm not that good at the in between song talking part. Tom went off talking about all sorts and had everyone laughing but I never know what to say. I always think of things I should mention before hand, for example this time I thought to myself that I should mention Tom and Ed, and also the bands that were to follow... totally forgot. I also missed the opportunity to make a joke about the lack of trock in my set. But yeh still, the gig went well I think. I got loud cheers from all the lovely people, one time it was so loud it broke the mic in tom's camera! It did fix itself somehow if you were devastated by that news and needed closure.

So yes, basically I very much enjoyed playing to such wonderful people.

Later on 'What is Echo' played who are pretty much the nicest bunch of guys you could hope to meet. I enjoyed their set, as I did the final act which was Myles' band, 'Down Within'. Seeing a bunch of drunk youtubers do the macarena to a heavy metal band was a special experience.

Our stage finished fairly early so we just went out into the festival and enjoyed the rest of the night.

This morning, goodbyes were longer than usual, which is saying something. And driving home was not a fun experience. I've never driven when that tired before... Well once when I went to Myles' house, didn't go to bed, then drove up to Glossop to play a gig, and drove back to Derby at 1am, over 40 hours since I had last been asleep. Good times.

But anyway, got home alright and hung out with some scottish people at my house until their bus came at 8. Gathering over. Best one ever.