Sunday, 7 September 2008

Good news!

I took the sides off my computer and with a hoover and a hairdryer got enough dust out of it to make a bunny large enough to destroy the world. I did resist the urge to make said bunny for fear of said destruction.

ANYWAY now my computer works! How good is that?!

Didn't get much done today but I did tidy so now there is lots of room in my room which bodes well for a productive day tomorrow. Tidy room = productivity by the way, just in case you didn't know.

OH! While I'm here, short rant:


You know how usually in business, competition is good for the customers? Yeah well apparently not when it comes to broadcasting football. Once upon a time having sky meant you could see all the football you wanted. Now Setanta have come along and taken some games, so if you want to watch everything you have to buy both. That's not good! They should both have all the games, then it would be true competition based on who provides the better service and price, but no it's buy both or miss the England match. Well you know what, fuck you! I watched the tennis instead and it was way better. Shame it got rained off, but I'm looking forward to seeing the resolution tomorrow. Murray is playing Nadal by the way, and winning! One more set and he's in the final. I'm excited.




Pav said...

I know dave! bastards at sentanta, watched fucking king kong instead. They missed out big time international!

Nora said...

Nora said...

ugh, it showed up blank. I fail at commenting.
*tries again*

hannah said...

omg i know!! how annoying was that.
but murry leading nadal?!? never thought i hear myself say that. i kinda hope he wins so federer gets an easier final.

Maria said...

murray won over nadal? oh well, good for him then!

darren elliott said...

tv channels can be so screwed up...

once i was watching the movie phonebooth on a tv channel called acess in alberta and it ended prematurely so i couldnt find out what happened!! it went to commercial and 25 minutes later it went back to some other public acess tv show..

im blogging at this moment on my blog

give it a look around..