Tuesday, 2 September 2008


If anyone has any footage from the youstage festival I would love for you to send it to me. I want especially anything of my set or any big group shots. Videos or pictures would be great.

Also, don't feel you have to read all of the last post - I'm aware it's very long and not very well written, I just needed to write.



Jon said...

Hi Dave, just read your other post too, it was a really good weekend and definitely the best gathering ever. I have just put together an 11 minute video which should be up soonish! I have some clips if you want them just get in contact.


gnotknormal said...

Hiya. JapBearDude has lots of footage of you (I filmed it). Just ask him for it and I'm sure he'll send it on :)

YouStage was amazing!

John said...

I got a video of Alone Again http://johncox88.com/files/videos/aloneagain.MOV
I have some more but they're in the pitch-black.