Thursday, 11 September 2008


Until recently I felt like I'd lost it somewhat. When I was at uni I didn't often plan things to do at weekends because usually someone would come to me on Friday afternoon with a plan that I couldn't say no to. Not being able to say no is a problem I have, but with this sort of thing I don't consider it a problem at all, deciding to do something just moments before you do it is one of my favourite things. Even during the week there were so many opportunities to do things 'just because', and I loved that.

But not having lectures most days that take me in towards the city, and not living with friends, I haven't had that feeling much. However yesterday I decided that tomorrow I'm going to Scotland, and today I decided that next weekend I'm going to Poole!

I had kind of planned to do nothing but finish my EP for the rest of this month, but I should still find plenty of time for that. Plus I haven't been to Scotland in... well it must be ten years, and I've never been to Poole! Plus Poole is free... Oh I don't suppose I've told you - Poole is where Mystery package people have invited some people to see what they do. It's the RNLI (lifeboat guys) by the way - the people behind it all.

Oh and Doug, I hate to be a let down but this did not take an hour. However it is pure gold material.


darren elliott said...

Ive never been to scotland but im going next year or so. Cant wait to see my old friends i used to live with in banff that are somewhat living in scotland some are in england.

have fun man. Post some photos here if you want...

talk to you later dude

Shweta said...

Hope you have a great time on your spontaneous trip (=
I wish I had the time to randomly take a trip, but that isn't happening until after uni finishes for me.

Take lots of photos and video footage (=

thisisace said...

Spontaneity is exciting and great fun. Not everything needs detailed planning.

Realised this weekend that the orange hoodies look like RNLI oilskins. (ie hooded waterproofs.)