Monday, 15 September 2008


I went. I am back home now.  I still have writing all over my body.

I'm terrible at remembering things but here's some memories:

  • Driving up with Ian

  • Seeing The Coxxinator's bedroom

  • Sleeping in The Coxxinator's bedroom with 5 other people

  • Waking up after the gathering had started

  • Meeting American Nick

  • Expanding TARDIR

  • Watching Stephen sniff Mhazz for a video (which took several takes due to laughter!)

  • Playing Jason Mraz

  • Missing Nic =(

  • Playing the Barry Aldridge drinking game

  • Getting very drunk

  • Surviving on one meal a day plus alcohol

  • Taking a bag full of stuff and only opening it once

  • Hugs

  • Talking to Chris, Levi and Drake on Skype.

  • Calling Levi Australian. GUTTED - probably hates me now.

  • Liam and Ginger Chris <3

  • Making drinks with Laura

  • Finding out that Glasgow has the worst taxi service in the world

  • Saying bye to Mhazz then realising I'll see her in less than a week!

  • Tino and Mark

  • Expanding the 'We hate Beth Club'

  • Ian driving for 41 seconds without touching the steering wheel


John said...

When did you play jason mraz??

Barry Aldridge drinking game is quite possibly the most expensive drinking game invented.

TARDIR will grow exponentially until every lifeform in the universe is a member.

gnotknormal said...

John's comment implies that someday I'll be a member of TARDIR someday.

So explain it to me now and we might as well just cut out the time in between :P

Barry Aldridge said...

That drinking game is till going on, WHY???? its been months time to move on but great entry dave on the weekend you went to.

Shweta said...

It sounds like you had fun =]

notwrittenbyaninja said...

yay! who joined the fanclub? xD