Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Got a bit of a cold

It's barely anything, but I can't sing. As a singer this is quite annoying. I have a cover song all ready apart from the vocals. I really like it an I'm excited about uploading it but now I have to wait and I don't even know how long for.

I had a thought the other day when I was on a lifeboat off the south coast of England. I remembered getting the mystery package, right at the start before I knew who was behind it or even that anyone else had got one, and I thought, I never saw this coming. Who would have thought where the journey that began with a mystery package would have lead to?

Well I was just reading Ian's blog and I had a similar thought. I first met Ian in Bristol during a 6 hour live broadcast from inside a glass box. He drove for a couple of hours to come see us just for the hell of it (I think that's the case, could be wrong!) and now he's a proper friend whose house I stayed at the other day.

I like to think about when I first met people, Mhazz is another one I remember, she found me through my Hot Hot Heat cover and told me she wrote her youtube link on the singer's shopping list.

Remembering how little things start friendships is cool because you start to look at all the little things that happen in your day and wonder what could happen as a result.

In other news I privated a few more old videos. I realised something, hater comments don't get to me on videos that I'm totally (or at least close to) happy with, but they do when a little part of me agrees with what they're saying, even if they are saying it in a manner that can only be described as 'cuntish'. So a few more have gone, now that I have quite a lot of videos I don't think it matters that much. In fact it's quite good to see that none of the ones I want to private were uploaded since I got my new camera, so they are all over five months old, which is at least some indication that my videos are getting better.

Lately I haven't been so happy when going through comments and stuff because I'm always thinking the next thing I see will be someone telling me I can't sing, and usually I'm right. But hopefully that should have changed now because it's only a few videos that I get those comments on and now they're gone. Last time I did this people persuaded me to put reptilia back, I know a lot of people like it and it probably did attract a lot of new people to my page, but the comments do grind me down. So I'm definitely not putting it back for a while. Most people who care that much should have downloaded it by now anyway. Oh speaking of, I changed the songs on my covers myspace, so go have a look, there should be some you don't have.

Goodbye lovely people, if you can't think of what to wish for when you see that first star tonight then I'll take a healthy throat for tomorrow please and thank you.



dooogiee said...

We already knew you cant sing, we were just being kind.

hahah <3

Veel said...

i like this post...just so you know. and THANKS for telling us about the cover songs, i gave up checking on it a while back.

Carol J. Richardson said...

Just wanted to say hi and to get your old self back soon and get well. Still
one of your older fans who knew you would be a big hit and get many many
fans. Been moving across town here and busy working but still taking time
to listen to your music and enjoying it. Have a lovely day Dave and
get your throat well soon. My best to you.

thisisace said...

Sends Dave some throat sweets and Lemsip ...

Look after yourself, mate.

Locke said...

I can't figure out how to download videos anymore, it used to be possible with some website, but nothing works anymore, that I've been able to find - not even searching in my browser cache.
So, how does one go about downloading YouTube videos? I would actually be very appreciative of an answer. :)