Friday, 5 September 2008

Guess what I did!

Exercise! I know - mental!

I went on the rowing machine, did about half an hour with regular fifteen minute breaks (to hold off the heart attack) but hey, it's a start!

Got my new charger so now the reason I'm not getting back to you is simply that I don't like you.

I'm currently editing a video. It's about 3:20 long and I have an hour of footage. And I'm doing split screens with only one timeline. FUN!



Elise said...

Another Blueskies video! I'm looking forward to it =)
A friend of mine and I try to get in shape too. We had a deal to work out together, but the conclusion is that we haven't seen the inside of a gym since 2 months.

This is actually my first comment. But know that I do read your blog ( I've been there from the very beginning) and it (mostly :p) makes my day! =)


Veel said...

FIRST! hehe...sorry, can't help it.

the rowing machine kills. please be warned.

brokenpledge said...

Exercise is good! I think going onto the treadmill would be the best.
Well, there's nothing to worry about it cos you can always adjust the speed. It's probably the best workout plan. =D

oh, Delfina (if you remember) here!

Caro said...

hell ya sounds like a lot of fun.... sometimeas i like editing, but most of the time i just haate it^^

Shweta said...

We got a new treadmill the other day. I am thinking about putting it into a video because it's awesome (so I believe anyway).

But, I haven't exercised in well over a year.
I feel your pain.

Mr. treadmill is just sitting there, patiently waiting for me to use him.
I promise him I shall tomorrow =]

Enjoy your rowing machine goodness.