Friday, 29 August 2008


Alex did a song on his nericoustic channel. Before the actual song he talked about people being so stupid that they think all of his songs are trock related, trock being 'time lord rock' or songs written about the British TV show Dr Who, for those of you who don't know. He gave some examples of recent songs he has done that were not trock, and he said that this one wasn't either, it is in fact a cover song.

Being the hilarious person I am, I left the comment 'Is this about Rose?', Rose being a character from Dr Who, for anyone unfamiliar with the show.

Not half an hour did I have to wait for what I was looking for. The winner of the 'No Shit Sherlock' competition is one dontQmyawesomeness (clearly devastated to find a character limit on usernames) who replied to my comment with "its not trock!!!"

My favourite part is that as she was typing that, she must have thought I was an idiot.


p.s. I also love reading Ginger Chris's blog.

p.p.s. I haven't replied yet to dontQ, suggestions are welcome.

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

A special moment

Barry Aldridge says:
Hey Dave

OMG it's Dave from Blue Skies! says:

Barry Aldridge says:
hows it going? I never talked to you on MSN before.

OMG it's Dave from Blue Skies! says:
I know, our first conversation, and I always see people having hilarious msn chats with you, so this better be good!

OMG it's Dave from Blue Skies! says:
Quick, say something funny!

Barry Aldridge says:

OMG it's Dave from Blue Skies! says:

Barry Aldridge says:

OMG it's Dave from Blue Skies! says:
oh still going

Barry Aldridge says:

OMG it's Dave from Blue Skies! says:
you can stop arbitrarily naming food at any point

Barry Aldridge says:
anyway moving on from that.

Saturday, 23 August 2008


Haven't blogged in ages. Haven't made a video in even longer. I suck.

Too many projects at once. Too many times I've not said no.

Well I'm gonna get organised. This does not happen often. It's not my natural way, but sometime it has to happen in order for me not to lose my remaining threads of sanity. I'm gonna write out the things I have to do and start doing them, and most importantly not take on any new ones for a while.

But first of all... I'm going to bed.

Thursday, 14 August 2008


The loft is being cleared out.

I'm scared.

The last time the loft was cleared out, I wasn't alive.

Wednesday, 13 August 2008


Got home today and I've already booked my next ticket out of here.

I'm going to see Tom at the weekend. It's funny, I didn't know him a week ago. I'm excited.

I quite like life at the moment, I'm travelling a lot and though I have loads to do in the days I am at home, that's better than not having anything to do. Though it has been a fortnight since I made a video. So much for the once a week rule.

But yeah, happy and busy and can't waitness.


Monday, 11 August 2008

Thursday night until right now.

I've been posting quite frequently lately because it's all I can do, but I'm aware most of them are two lines long and I haven't actually written about what's going on so I thought I'd take a minute to do that.

On Thursday night during an msn conversation with Charlie (and after a few glasses of wine) I decided I would go down to London for the 888 gathering NSG set up and named 'Vlog in the Park' having almost settled on not going by Thursday afternoon.

On Friday morning I got a train to London and met Mr Coollike. We went to the Apple store and filmed a video he was too tired to do that morning and I sent off a few emails telling people I would be late doing things because I had left home for several days.

Then we headed over to Hyde Park and looked for a lake. Charlie thought he saw it but it turned out to be some grass. Then I thought I saw it but it turned out to be the sky.

We did find it and went to get some outrageously expensive salad in a little cafe just by the lake. It was there that we met Alex, Mhazz and Lucy. More people came and about 10 of us headed over to where we thought the meeting place was. On the way we met Tom and his friends. Tom only found out there was a gathering the day before when I was talking (typing) to him about youstage. I'm glad he found out and joined us because it turns out I love him.

We found a suitable place to gather and people found us over the next hour or so and we stayed there talking, playing music and drawing on cheekychen's postcards until the sun was setting, at which point we went over to the lake and did much of the same until people had to leave.

Little side note to explain cheekychen's postcards. You probably know mr chen (who will henceforth be called Paul because that's his name) from the youtubes. He did that 'Make Art' thing? Yeah there you go. Well he is involved with the running of a website called tailcast, which is a place for artists, musicians, writers, etc to share their work with people. He's just had 5000 postcards printed which are basically plain on the front apart from a logo and on the back they explain the concept, which I will do now. You take one of the postcards and draw on it. Anything you want. Then you stick it up somewhere in a public place so people see it, then take a photo and upload it to their site. I think it's a great idea as did everyone at the gathering and we made hundreds of them. It's a really positive form of advertising, not throwing an idea at people but involving them in a creative way yet still there's the possibility of generating a lot of word of mouth promotion for the website. So yes, expect to see some videos involving the postcards, and a whole lot of people drawing things at youstage! AND AND! If you're around London and you see one then yay!

So anyway, where was I? Friday evening, people were leaving. Some went to a hostel, I went back to Alex's with Charlie and Mhazz and we chillied out all night. That included doing Charlie's blogtv which was basically just us four sat around in Alex's little computer room.

Saturday we did nothing. The furthest we got was 100 yards down the road to get food. That includes going passed a hilarious sign at a Church which reads "Do not listen to any man who does not listen to God" I think that's exact but I may have paraphrased. In any case it's beautifully Christian don't you think? So much for loving thy neighbour. Anyway for the rest of Saturday we watched dvds and talked and Ed and Jasmine came over for the night.

On Sunday we got up early... midday. I went into London with Plant and Coollike and we met Cheeky and filmed ourselves sticking a load of the postcards up around Covent Garden and Trafalgar Square. Then I got a phone call from the rents saying they were on the way so I had to go. I was sad to leave, but so happy I'd decided to go when I was so close to staying at home. I filmed one final postcard which I stuck on the window of my tube carriage. Then got picked up and we carried on to my Aunt's house.

I ate some good healthy food which I loved having been on fast food for a couple of days, watched a film and went to bed. I was told in order to use her computer I would first have to fix it, so having helped Dad move a shed (that's the reason we are here really) I fixed it. I have no real understanding about how to fix computers but I always seem to be able to do it.

And so that is where you find me now, in my Aunt's study trying to keep on top of emails and websites so it's not totally out of hand when I get home.

Well so much for the short entries!



p.s. note to self: but Conor Oberst's new album.

p.p.s. note to everyone else: Buy Tom's album.

Sunday, 10 August 2008

a blog by Dave. Not Mhazz

HAI =)

My name is Dave, my surname is FromBlueSkies.

I am just writing an update to inform you that Mhazz is officially the greatest person on Earth.


The End


Saturday, 9 August 2008


Sitting with Ed, Charlie, Mhazz, Jasmine and the 'Mon himself.

You are jealous and you know it.

Thursday, 7 August 2008

This post has nothing to do with Trock

The other day there was some clearing out going on down the side of our house/in the shed. I suggested throwing out the bikes because nobody has used a bike in this house for about seven years. The suggestion didn't go down well with Mum who was insistent she would use one even though Dad and I didn't believe a word having heard it all before.

Of course we all know who is in charge, so the bikes stayed in the shed ready for another seven years of dust.

But wait. Imagine my surprise when this morning I look out the window and see Mum cleaning one of them! That bike out there looks like it's ready for use, all shiny and new looking. Unbelievable.

The worst part however, is that now I see it, I want to go for a ride.


May only be a day old, but it's about to change forever.

Sunday, 3 August 2008

*Is tired*

Yesterday I went to David.

I'm still tired.

It was great to see everyone as always. Though I feel I should have spent more time on new people it's hard when I only see those friends every month or so.

I wont go through what happened in detail because I'm sure youtube will be flooded with videos soon enough. In brief, we turned up really late with charlie masks on and Ian had the gorilla mask and charlie's hoodie/bag so everyone thought he was charlie. They gave him presents and everything.

Mystery Package people gave us boxes covered in wine gums with disks in them. They contain a movie file in which a guy explains they are making a film with all the stuff we do. I'm a little more on board with it now so I might do something for it. I never really intended to do anything more until they told us what the point is.

Back to David, we filmed for an epic movie spoof video. This included me getting jumped on by five people then throwing them all off like in the matrix, while Barry Aldridge walks passed. Charlie getting chased by 50 or so fangirls as Barry Aldridge walks passed, and PJ and I having a light sabre battle in which I accidentally kill Barry Aldridge as Barry Aldridge walks passed.

We hung out and chatted as numbers eventually lowered, and then finally there were about 10 for an unpleasant dinner at burger king in Waterloo Station (the food was unpleasant, not the company!) and then we left for the underground. Alex and Liam* headed East, Mhazz and I headed west.

I had the quickest goodbye ever with Mhazz because any longer and the doors would have closed. I wanted to offer to wait with her until her bus came, but I also wanted to not fall asleep at the wheel on the way home, which was becoming a concern. So a hug on the tube carriage then I stayed on until I got to my sister's where the car was parked. That is always the part where I really wish I lived in London. I remember back to all the amazing and beautiful places I've been in the day and just think how great it would be if it was just a tube ride away. That thought is always followed by a two and a half hour car drive in which I fight to stay awake. This time my thanks go to a band called Larrikin Love, who have now split up, for keeping my eyes open as I sung along. I got home around 2:30 and crashed out.

Today I've done very little as I'm tired and aching. My cousin Sarah bought two hamsters and brought them round. They are called Buffy and Xena. I feel you know my cousin now. I also got a ticket to see Ben Kweller, which makes me very happy, and had some textage with Nic which also made me happy because I miss Nic when gatherings happen.

This blog is going to end now because I am not going to write any more.
*Liam according to Firefox your name is not a word. Sorry.