Saturday, 23 August 2008


Haven't blogged in ages. Haven't made a video in even longer. I suck.

Too many projects at once. Too many times I've not said no.

Well I'm gonna get organised. This does not happen often. It's not my natural way, but sometime it has to happen in order for me not to lose my remaining threads of sanity. I'm gonna write out the things I have to do and start doing them, and most importantly not take on any new ones for a while.

But first of all... I'm going to bed.


Caro said...

wow sounds like a really tough schedule.
we miss you, but don't try to do everything at won't succeed^^

Jesse said...

A good long sleep should help!

ariel said...

haha, this gave me a good lul
"Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)

* ~ depression ~
* Hiatus
* Thanks for noticing! "

good times.

kameronkhaos said...

I know how you feel. about a billion things to do for school. let alone a whole outfit for my art gcse. i-am-fucked.

Scar said...

Wahay lets all go to bed!

Sara-Marie said...

Even I oughta go to bed!
I stead I claim to have something useful to say, and therefore I'm leaving comments on old blogs in a newfound bloggingthingy...YAY for ME
I miss my copulsive-controle-thingy...helped me stayin' "sane" too... ;) XP

BTW; you ShOuLd know by DoN't SuCk!
The only thing that sucks is that thing that tells you to "do better"..."work harder"...blablabla

Good night^_^