Sunday, 3 August 2008

*Is tired*

Yesterday I went to David.

I'm still tired.

It was great to see everyone as always. Though I feel I should have spent more time on new people it's hard when I only see those friends every month or so.

I wont go through what happened in detail because I'm sure youtube will be flooded with videos soon enough. In brief, we turned up really late with charlie masks on and Ian had the gorilla mask and charlie's hoodie/bag so everyone thought he was charlie. They gave him presents and everything.

Mystery Package people gave us boxes covered in wine gums with disks in them. They contain a movie file in which a guy explains they are making a film with all the stuff we do. I'm a little more on board with it now so I might do something for it. I never really intended to do anything more until they told us what the point is.

Back to David, we filmed for an epic movie spoof video. This included me getting jumped on by five people then throwing them all off like in the matrix, while Barry Aldridge walks passed. Charlie getting chased by 50 or so fangirls as Barry Aldridge walks passed, and PJ and I having a light sabre battle in which I accidentally kill Barry Aldridge as Barry Aldridge walks passed.

We hung out and chatted as numbers eventually lowered, and then finally there were about 10 for an unpleasant dinner at burger king in Waterloo Station (the food was unpleasant, not the company!) and then we left for the underground. Alex and Liam* headed East, Mhazz and I headed west.

I had the quickest goodbye ever with Mhazz because any longer and the doors would have closed. I wanted to offer to wait with her until her bus came, but I also wanted to not fall asleep at the wheel on the way home, which was becoming a concern. So a hug on the tube carriage then I stayed on until I got to my sister's where the car was parked. That is always the part where I really wish I lived in London. I remember back to all the amazing and beautiful places I've been in the day and just think how great it would be if it was just a tube ride away. That thought is always followed by a two and a half hour car drive in which I fight to stay awake. This time my thanks go to a band called Larrikin Love, who have now split up, for keeping my eyes open as I sung along. I got home around 2:30 and crashed out.

Today I've done very little as I'm tired and aching. My cousin Sarah bought two hamsters and brought them round. They are called Buffy and Xena. I feel you know my cousin now. I also got a ticket to see Ben Kweller, which makes me very happy, and had some textage with Nic which also made me happy because I miss Nic when gatherings happen.

This blog is going to end now because I am not going to write any more.
*Liam according to Firefox your name is not a word. Sorry.


doug said...

: )

Josh said...

and the wine gum fights ^.^

Jasmin said...

I was so sad when I heard that the gathering was on the1st...the thing was that unfortunately I was flying over to London the NEXT day but David was over by then, of course...I wish I could someday be part of a UK gathering...:P...we'll see...
but I'm happy to hear that it was a great day for you and for the rest of the people there too, I guess...
wooohooo and you're going to another concert of Ben Kweller...x) or maybe you already went...sorry I'm still trying to catch up with all the things that happened while I was away from home so I started right at the my comment might be "out-of-date" at this point...:P