Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Why do people expect things from me?

Like that I can read an email in Chinese.

Or that I will sing happy birthday to someone I don't know at the request of someone else I don't know. Like I don't care about the other 7000 people that watch my channel and how little it would mean to them (and me), I'd love to sing happy birthday to your mate.

Or this evening's entry which stepped up from that one with a message entitled "friend died at age 13 tribute song please." How matter of fact is that? As if there is no chance I'm not gonna do it. Fuck me, I mean I don't mean to sound insensitive and I'm very sorry your friend died so young, that's one of the worst things that could happen ever. But... well... no.
He even gave me things to include in the writing of this song. God it's horrible. I feel shit just having been brought into contact with something like that, but I didn't know your friend, and I don't know you, of course I'm not writing a song about it.

Oh and even since I started writing this I've received this message,


uh hi.... <3
well I have a small favor to ask you..... you'd make me feel very special if you did it...

well um could you maybe make a video of how to play the song emily by from first to last? um I love that song and its on acoustic and I learned the intro and I'm pretty good at it but I am still having trouble doing the actual verse part witch is strumming and chords and stuff and it would mean the world to me if you could do that.... "

Do you see any tutorial videos on my channel? Have I ever given any indication that I would be interested in doing this?

I think I'm mostly annoyed because I'm annoyed, if that makes sense. These are people who like me and are asking me for something. That shouldn't be too bad, but it's so frustrating when people ask for stuff you're obviously not going to do. It's almost like they are hoping I'm too nice and I just can't say no to people, which to be honest is a problem I have sometimes, so hey - maybe they're helping me after all, helping me say no easier.

Any VLR listeners, I think it was the last episode, (the one where they just couldn't be bothered!) when Jimmy said that he found it weird that people that don't know him email him. Yes, I agree.


Dom said...

people should just FUCK OFF

Not Nic Srsly said...

yeh dey iz stupid, u dnt do tutorile videos!

Cn u do a vid were u do brake dancin n show us sum ov ur beet boxing plz? I luv dance an beetbox its rly cool an i bet u wud be a natrurel at it!

Inbal said...

I think that your'e right, and people really shouldn't asking you for personal favors like doing a birthday, a tribute song or anything like that when you don't even know them.
but I also think that these people are your fans, and everytime that you post a new song or just a video they get so excited, and when you reply to once comment he's just thrilled. so yes I know how annoying and frustrating it's when people do that but you sholdn't go so hard on them, and I'm sure that if you'd say no they wont gonna hate you and probably be kinda bummed but theyll continue and watch your videos and still love you and what your'e doing.
So yeah... I really understand you and your feeling but just remember that they're your fans and the love you and you shouldn't take it so hard even when they send unsuitable favors.

ya.k.beyyyy =]

Betina said...

Can't imaging it being anything but annoying when people ask you for personal favors like that.. Fans or not, they are still strangers and just because you post videoes on YouTube or music on MySpace doesn't mean you are avaliable 24-7 for all kinds of favours..

If you get a lot of such comments/messages I just think you should ignore them or have a standard reply on your mail, cause otherwise you'll be spending ages writing them back.. If they are fans they'll continue watching your videoes..

Ps: I had forgotten all about the last episode off VLR so I've just finished listening to it.. Thanks for reminding me.. Alex and Jimmy are brilliant when they can't really be bothered to do anything x]

Nora said...

haha, I hope the girl who sent you that email doesn't read your blog. You should make a video saying, "don't ask me for things." and the emails will prob stop flowing.

Dan said...

Well, I hope e-begging doesn't count....but hey, it's cool, that would piss me off.

Like what the fuck do people expect? Your a musician, not a person whose sole purpose on YouTube and MySpace is to do favors for people.

Well, have a good one. :)

Gnot said...

Lol, I know exactly what he's talking about.

I know what e-mail Jimmy means, lol. He goes "I'm not going to read that...that's just stupid".

If these people want songs written for them, or want video tributes. They should try and find smoeone who actually offers these services...I wouldn't want to disturb you, can't these people tell, you're still a person, even though you're on YouTube? Like you don't have your own life to live.

Lol, silly people.

Maggie said...

Oh gosh, i can love so much one person and be a fanatic but asking favour like that?
I think wrote a song is more than a thing we do for fun , we wrote songs by the heart and a good song has a good reason, a good feeling, has a part of the life of the person who wrote it. Well i think like that x')
I admit x') i love your music but I never gonna asking you a favour , either a favour like a song or a tribute video, come on! The people who ask you that should think in you and not only on themselves.
Btw, Love your music and you blog ^^

Keep writing here.

P.s.- Sorry the bad english, i'm portuguese x'D

Ali said...

The people that do email you for these requests want their 1 minute of "fame" and they believe that you are the outlet for them to achieve that; however, I agree with you and think that it's just stupid. It's one thing for you to sing happy birthday to a person you know and respect, but it's another thing (and quite weird i might add) to sing happy birthday for someone you don't know and will probably never meet in your entire life. It creeps me out, and I'm sorry that you've been bombarded with these annoying requests.

PJ said...

can u plz mak a tortial vid to play im not ok by mcr its 4 mi bf an he luvs ur vids i promisd him dat wud b his bday pressi so ok plz do dat fnzx luv ur vids

Ohhh dave i just know this post is about me, is this because I asked you if you wanted toast for breakfast :'(