Friday, 25 July 2008

I have no idea what john is singing right now

But it's funny.

This is another tired blog so it will probably be quite short.

So I went to Manchester and saw some uni friends, in fact the whole of my third year house was there, which is pretty much awesome.

Then I came back, went over to Nottingham and played a gig. On my way there driving down the road looking for a parking space some guys walking in the middle of the road punches my window! Just punches it! As you do.

Other than that the gig went alright, though I was pretty tired, I think the last week caught up with me. The thing with gigging at the moment is I feel like I'm doing it just to keep in practice. I don't have a cd to sell, I'm not hanging out with friends cos I don't know anyone in Nottingham (which is where I play mostly because my cousin gets me there and I cba getting my own!) and I reach more people on youtube in the time it takes me to drive to the gig than I do at the gig itself.

So I think I need to finish the old EP so I have something to sell, and go play up north some time where my friends will come watch me.

In other news my piano is in tune. This makes me happy. I've already recorded something with it - a cover of a Fortunes Fall song. Thought it would be good promo for Ed plus I am going to try out cloning for the second time for the video. That should be fun. Or infuriating.

I've thrown that song up on myspace already so you can go get it before the video is even recorded! It's on the second myspace, there's a link to that around here somewhere.

Ok it's hot and I'm tired.



John said...

I was singing songs from Dr. Horrible if anyone would like to know.

look it up, its amazing.

Mandy Kelly said...

Dr. Horrible IS amazing :)

Hmm... never encountered a window-puncher before... I don't even know how I'd react to something like that.