Sunday, 13 July 2008


On Friday I'm going to Peterborough.
The Weekend I'm in London.
Monday night is Manchester.
Back to Derby Tuesday.
Then gigging in Nottingham on Wednesday.

So I better get some stuff done before Friday.


Caro said...

wui a lot to do for you...but hey, you're wanted...need to be everywhere^^

Neal (whiteandfluffy) said...

Where you Giging at ????? Though in working early on the thursday so carn't really come. Booo Hooo

Hope you have a gooo gig


Ellie said...

So you're in for a busy time!
Time flows so quickly though. It's only one week in your life, you can afford to get lost in it.


Carol J. Richardson said...

Hope it is all good. Have a wonderful trip and hopefully you get to see your old friends. Off to work here!!!! Have great gigs too!!!!

Tal said...

Dave, any chance that you're gigging somtime between August 25th and September 2nd?
I was going to be in your Nottingham gig but looks like I won't make it.
So if you could answer in your next entry or e-mail me or whatever it'd be nice, tnx =]
either the one in my nickname but if you can't see it-