Friday, 4 July 2008

Free stuff?

I played a gig in Nottingham last night. On my way there I got a text saying 'There's a prcel here for you.' To which I replied, 'Ummm.... what?' This was at a bar I'd never been to in a city I don't live in. A parcel. For me.

Well I'll cut out the crap and tell you I've just opened it, it's a usb microphone and a stand. That's about £70 worth of stuff, and there's a letter which I shall type out for you now.

"Hi Dave

You're probably wondering why someone's sent you all this stuff. It's because times are changing.

You let the world know your opinions on your blog, and we like you for it. But this is different. This is your chance to be a mouthpiece for your entire generation. Are you up to it? We hope so.

We're sure you're bored with seeing the image portrayed of young people in the media: that you've all been led astray by gangstas, that you can't tell the difference between life and videogames, that you're a bunch of wasters. A lost generation. Losers.

So why don't you beat them at their own game? After all, you're a media mogul too. Over 5,000 people watch you on your blog, and they're probably just as bored with all these media opinions as you are. If you spoke up for yourselves, you could really make a difference. How about it? It's not called YouTube for nothing.

We like your songs (sorry you didn't win the Frtellis competition). Anyway, maybe you could write another one. How about one that tells us what you think about your generation? What should the media reaally be saying about you? We'd love to know. You're a performer, after all. Good luck in Nottingham tonight!

Your subscribers are powerful too, so why notuse them? They're happy to make comments about your videos, or videos about your videos, so what about getting them involved? Say the word and see what they have to say. Just like your Heinz protest.

Who are we? That's not important right now. What's important is that opinions change. But to put your mind at rest we're not a for-profit organisation, and we're nothing to do with politics.

We've got your best interests at heart, so do what you do best."

I'm going to save my many reactionary thoughts for a moment because I want to hear what you think based on the letter alone. I don't generally ask for comments on here, but I would like to know what people think about this.


Jon said...

That is quite weird that you got this. I think what it says is very true though, we do get a bad reputation from the media.

Maybe do what it says and see what happens.


Rachael said...

I think thats both weird and... amazing really. I think they're making a valid point but for somebody to send that package to you is just... great. I think you should follow what they're saying, you do have an influence over many people and you could use that to it's full potential.

- RacheyaV2

John said...

zomg, it's morpheus.
Teh matricks, it haz u dave.

Mhairi said...

It sounds like some kind of secret underground operation.
I think you should do it, not just cus what they say is true, but becasue it's like you're part of some secret mission or something ^_^


Andrew said...

It seems a little bit weird that they're not telling you who they are but maybe thats for a reaosn (no idea why). They'll reveal eventually so i think you should just go with it for the time being.

eddplant said...

That's... kind of creepy.

But it is kind of a good idea.

But creepy.

Dom said...

Jill Dando

notwrittenbyaninja said...

..not as good as a dancing midget in a box...

BadWolfTV said...

Sounds like a film. Double 0 Dave.

Tal said...

I can't decide wether it's really creepy or really great.
But anyway I reckon it's a bunch of people who are fed up with the current situation in the media and they would like to get involved with people who have some sort of potential in the media to make a difference.
Obviously I agree with them otherwise I wouldn't have bothered watching and reading what you have to say.

Ginger Chris said...

They should've just sent you a tin-foil hat and be done with it.

Dale thegadgetdude said...

Was it a Samson C01U?


That's well cool and strange, was it delivered or was it dropped off do you know?

Louise said...

umm, creepy?

Lori said...

I say GO FOR IT! First what a cool thing to happen, second if an organization has chosen you for this mission (if you accept) then maybe you should play along. You have a lot to say, you have a solid fan base and subscribers to air it out there. I think you could make this into something that will benefit you somehow. Do it, you're quite intelligent, you're very talented and obviously someone believe you will have some real influence on people.

Kate said...

Wow. I say go for it too. It's a wonderful feeling to have someone believe in you, and they do! We do! They are challenging you and you should step up; write the song, but don't force it. Let your creativity take control and hold yourself up to their great standards. We already know you hold yourself to great standards, but make them even greater.

We believe in you.

BenLoka said...

I think it's actually kinda cool!
Obviously you'll need to sleep with a knife under your pillow now.
But still kinda cool!! =)

Melissa said...

To be honest, it sounds a little tiny bit black market to me. But if it's legit, well, that's awesome.

If it's not, the next parcel they send you will contain a gun, an address, and a black ski mask.


Carol J. Richardson said...

Fireworks are still going on all around the neighborhood. (4th Celebration) I think some good friends who respect you sent you the parcel. ? You have many admirers including many of the older generation who appreciate and know talent when they see it. I've watched you grow into a polished professional and still really enjoy your music and your blogs are very very good. You have the insight and intelligence to represent your generation and so many your age have been given a bad rap. Hope the Nottingham gig went well. Congrats. One of your fans........

jennasie said...

i think its quite amazing that someone has recognized your talent and given you something to help you improve on it.

i know that when i go to see small bands play as openers and stuff ill bring them things they need on the road. like toothpaste, hand sanitizer, clean shirts, stuff i know they can use and will be greatful for.

i say, use this opportunity to your advantage. take it and run with it. use it till you cant use it anymore.

who knows, maybe it will go farther than you ever imagined.

Arra said...

It's a little weird but I can understand why they'd want you to do something like this. I mean, you do have the power to impact the world. And they've given you the keys to do it. It was awfully nice of them to send you stuff and a little scary but they obviously think you can change a part of our generation. It could turn out to be something great--the best you've ever done. So why not?

Neal (whiteandfluffy) said...

Hi Dave WOW when I saw that parcel you said you got and you brought it over at the end of the night I thought it was going to something cool and it was, I cant begin to imagine what's going through your head at the moment, but i think its a good thing and you should do what you want with it.

Did you do what they wanted and video yourself opening it in a video blog ?.

Any hoo I think is an amazing thing Shocking but still amazing.


Mandy Kelly said...

My lengthy opinion... sorry.
It sounds great (at first), but I think the letter was written with manipulative wording in an effort to gain trust. Nothing wrong with that for the most part, it’s probably how I would write a letter to you… compliment you and include a gift so you’d want to fulfill my request… but I would never tell you what kind of song you should write. Also, I disagree with their description of how young people are portrayed. EVERY generation includes a variety of personalities/lifestyles that people like to categorize. Ever seen The Breakfast Club? Things change so much with each generation but views on the young do not. In the letter they say “we’re sure you’re bored…” and then later on tell you that you are (“…they’re probably bored with all these media opinions as you are”). As though you'll think, ‘yeah, there are probably are others like me’ and do it, even if it wasn’t your opinion to begin with. The part that I found the weirdest was:
“Who are we? That’s not important right now.” Um, ‘right now’? Will it ever be? Why would saying who they are be a problem?
I guess I would suggest you decide if this is even an issue you believe in. If you don’t, the song just won’t work, ignore the letter. If you like the idea and feel strongly about it, do it. But if you decide not to, don’t worry, the letter writer won’t mind… they’ve only “got your best interests at heart” anyway!
Your fans love you. I’m sure they’d be interested to hear your views on the subject even if you don’t put it in a song.

Alyssa said...

It seems realyl strange that your would just randomly get this box with a microphone and a letter telling you to voice your opinions through the media. My first question would be "Who the hell are you, and why are you asking me to do this?" but that's just me. It's your choice what you wish to do with this, and how you're going to react to it and all. My advice is just keep doing what you're doing. People seem to like it, and you're getting attention from it anyways. That's always a good thing. :)

Michela said...

whoa dave, that is completely rad, but slightly intimidating, that they have so much faith in you! not that i dont blame them :P
but still! i'd be kinda nervous if i were
i know you'll use it well


i think you shud put that letter to some music and start with that

Caro said...

i think its creepy, but nice, they compliment you a lot so why not take the stuff? but you said it was worth 70?? uiiuiui... hmmm there are a lot of true things written in this letter, but giving you stuff is still creepy...

kameronkhaos said...

stuff like that isnt normal. out of the ordinary...its SOOO your chance though. think about it. how often would something like this happen. totally go for it!

Becki said...

Sounds like that playstation thing or maybe even nike. It'll be for something like that. Before you do anything find out who its from otherwise you're just a pawn in some one's game.

You wouldn't want to be associated with say Shell or Microsoft if it turns out to be some new web video service or PR campaign.

Stay sharp, or we'll be played for fools.

Sam said...

"We’ve got your best interests at heart, so do what you do best."

That is pretty creepy. It could be awesome or really really bad. Your call.

Isn't there a law about sending people stuff like this? Where did they get your details from and why, how long have they been watching. It sounds pretty deep.

Jeunesse Perdue said...

Why wouldn't a not-for-profit want to identify itself? It seems to me a responsible organization would. What are they hiding? And call me jaded and cynical, but US$80 (give or take) is not a whole lot of money in any case.

Before pouring my heart and soul into something that someone had requested, I would want to know exactly who I was doing it for.

Could be something harmless like a bunch of friends/supporters. Or it could be some group that has their own interests at heart, not yours.

That's my take.

Shannon said...

I find it very weird and very... amazing.
The fact that I've just watched JohnnyDurham19's video where he gained a Yellow Hoodie with almost the exact same note on it but altered to fit him.

Though, I suppose it's very creepy that they know people's addresses and such. I find it weird that both you and Johnny get a package around the same time as each other.

I can't help but wonder who else shall get one of these packages....

- rupeizluv

Nad said...

hahaha i agree with the creepy-ness but then again i am reading a strangers diary-thing arnt i ?
i say go for it you haven't really got anything to loose by trying
but i have to say how they knew where to send the parcel too is just a bit stalkerish for me .
good luck xx

doug said...

write a song and call it my generation.


talking bout my generation doo doo dooo

darren elliott said...

hey love youre music so good to hear about the package, i wish that i could get the package oh how id love a new mic, its alright ive got a zoom h4 recorder...

ive got ya subscribed on youtube...

Willa said...

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