Thursday, 7 August 2008

This post has nothing to do with Trock

The other day there was some clearing out going on down the side of our house/in the shed. I suggested throwing out the bikes because nobody has used a bike in this house for about seven years. The suggestion didn't go down well with Mum who was insistent she would use one even though Dad and I didn't believe a word having heard it all before.

Of course we all know who is in charge, so the bikes stayed in the shed ready for another seven years of dust.

But wait. Imagine my surprise when this morning I look out the window and see Mum cleaning one of them! That bike out there looks like it's ready for use, all shiny and new looking. Unbelievable.

The worst part however, is that now I see it, I want to go for a ride.


thegadgetdude said...

Go ride your bike dave, i had a spontaneous bike ride recently and i didn't look back. This was because it's a lot safer looking forward on a bike.

Sophie Elizabeth said...

Don't do it dave!
Its a trap for your mum to prove she's right :)


Neal (whiteandfluffy) said...

Hehehe the temptation must be killing you lol

Always the way isnt it "mums are right " lol