Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Just got featured...

On a different channel, with the most ridiculous video I've ever made. But hey better than not getting featured.

Anyway, I got this email because of it so I thought I'd show you while I answer it.

Well, I've got a few questions.
You're obviously not answering any of them because you never do.
Well, I'm Mafalda.
An annoying 13-year-old from Portugal (I bet you didn't eve knew that was a country)
I come from a different planet (NOT)

Why are you (almost) blond ?
Why do you make funny songs ?
What's your problem with cute squirrels ?
Why were you born ?
Why do you have little dimples when you smile ?
Why is your guittar so weird ?
Why do hate the world ?
Why were you one of the Beatles ?
Why do look like someone who doesn't like the Addams Family ?

I ran out of stupid questions to ask.

So, there are the Q's here come the A's...

I'm not almost blond.
I make funny songs because I enjoy it. I also make serious songs.
I have no problem with squirrels, cute or otherwise.
I was born because my sister wasn't good enough.
I have dimples because they make me irresistible to the opposite sex.
It's not.
I don't.
I wasn't.
Because I know Wednesday and the last text she sent me said 'You're a prick" with no explanation.

Now then Mafalda, allow me to throw a few questions your way.

Why do you assume I never answer emails when you've never emailed me before?
Why are you annoying?
How could anyone not know that Portugal is a country?
Why are you using NOT jokes that belong in the 90's?

And the answer to the last one had better be "Because I just watched Wayne's World and it was fucking awesome."


Katrina said...

A few things: congrats on the feature! Shame it wasn't on MusicFromBlueSkies, but still really awesome!

Second: yikes! That is all I have to say about that interrogation, except for...

Third: Best answer to the dimples question. Ever. ;-)

Your Unintended said...

"I have dimples because they make me irresistible to the opposite sex."

Oh snap.

Jesse said...

Lol the squirrel video got featured. See, the challenge wasn't that bad after all.

Emily North said...

"I was born because my sister wasn't good enough".

Very good.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, you're so much like my younger brother... Why do you assume that your sister was not good ehough? Maybe she was so good that your partens tried to make another wonderful creature like her. Whatever. About the e-mail, I find this rahter amsing, it is not easy to be 13, so have mercy, at least she is original!

blackrose08 said...

"I was born because my sister wasn't good enough"

"I have dimples because they make me irresistible to the opposite sex."

i was laughing reading school...not fun having people stare at you

Nicholas said...

Not to nitpick... but I just had to add that you also have dimples because they make you irresistible to the same sex.
Just sayin'... ;)

Anonymous said...

i agree
the dimples are freakin hot

seanieblogblog said...

I've got one homemade dimple...Fell outta bed when I was younger and cracked my face off the locker.

I'm just dented really..

Mariana said...

this really made me laugh!

oh and i'm portuguese and well, i do have the feeling that there's people that don't know that portugal is a country... but that's probably just me... and her...

anyway, i'll just take this opportunity to say that i love your musics and that you inspire me on my *attempt* to play guitar. thanks for that :)

well and sorry if there's any grammar mistake or samething, my english sucks :P