Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Oh hello!

I thought I'd write an entry as it's been a while. Not that you care, but I like to keep in the habit.

I've just been busy writing songs and making videos, so I've not had much to write about. I got very inspired last night and wrote the start of something that is fairly different but I really like it. Of course I have plenty of time to spoil it! If it even gets finished, I'm very bad at finishing songs. Got enough first verses to last me a lifetime, but I only just fill out a set of full original songs.

My latest distraction from writing blogs, to go along with twitter, is called dailybooth. Basically it's taking pictures, and you can reply to other people's pictures with your own, and/or text too of course. I quite enjoy it. Of course it's not necessary, but it's there and it's a nice way to communicate and to share pictures. I do love photos and have never been that impressed with flickr or any similar websites because of lack of possible communication, so I think dailybooth has a chance of sticking around.

I need to write a funny song for Red Nose Day. I'm planning something quite big with a few friends, which should be result in good times. The song is just a part of it, but I need to get that written first! So if you have any topic suggestions leave them in the comments.

Going to see Greg Holden on Thursday, which should be great. If you're around London you should come and say hi. The following day The Travelling Band are playing in London too... I should really be gone by then but they are so good I'm tempted to try to fit it in. I somehow need to make a video on Friday as well. That should be... Interesting!

p.s. I wish youtube would keep maintenance day the same day of the week every time. You never know where you are anymore!


Cara62442 said...

I care!
It's nice to hear what you're up to <3 x

Barry Aldridge said...

Cool that you are doing something on Red Nose Day.

That would be something to see.

I may do a video talking about Red Nose Day.

Cameron Alexander Williamson said...

I'm thinking of doing something for red nose day, video and what not. But I'm not as big and well known as you are, so it won't be as good.


Dave said...

The thing we're setting up will involve everyoneeee! Video responses will be required. =D

Veela said...

i was beginning to wonder when you'd update.


Anonymous said...

what's red nose day? :S

Dave said...

Red Nose Day = Comic Relief = British charity.
Google it.

Will said...

write a song about noses, how everyone has different noses but we can all live together happily. or something with an equally cliche moral to it.