Monday, 9 February 2009


I have two videos ready to be uploaded. This is very unlike me! I've just been in quite a productive mood.

I'm crediting it to the fact that I've forced myself to stay in Derby for a while. This came about when a couple of weeks ago I realised I couldn't remember the last weekend I hadn't done something like go to London, or go to Ireland, or Sheffield or Manchester... Or have a New Years party in my house.

Don't get me wrong, I love doing all those things, but if you leave on Friday and get back on Monday that's half the week gone! I only posted one video between mid December and February on my main channel, I aim to post once every week so that's pretty much a complete and utter failure.

But the stay at home policy has done the trick, February is only 8 days old and I've done two videos for my main channel, one for davefromblueskies and one for fourguysandmhazz. Plus two that are practically finished and will be uploaded once current videos have had some time to get seen.

In a way it's nice knowing I have things ready, but I'm so impatient when I've made something new - I want people to see/hear it right away! So it's not easy holding them back. I think I'll put one up tomorrow though, Today will have been up 4 days then. The next one is only about 30 seconds long and has no editing at all, but I think it's kinda funny.

Anyway, in real life news my sister has been here this weekend and will be until my birthday (Tuesday) which is nice. On the subject of my birthday, it's official: I am old. I don't mean because I'm turning 23, although that is ridiculous... I mean because I don't give a crap about birthdays anymore. I heard Alex say that each birthday should be more exciting than the last because you're one year older each time. Utter bollocks.

Everything is more exciting when you're a kid. Birthdays are like a great song that gets totally overplayed. I don't hate them like some people (people who wish they were younger) because I appreciate that I'm the same one day older when I wake up that morning as any other, but there's nothing particularly exciting about them either. All they do is count how many years you've managed to not die... I have better things to celebrate.

Still, feel free to send me presents that don't require me giving out my address on the internet!

Bedtime now.


p.s. Added a few more tracks to mediafire. Older ones - White Stripes, Get Cape, Killers... A few others. Go, download, show your friends!


ariel said...

i always let people guess how old i am
never do they get it right,
it's fun.
i wish i could apply being productive to school work... i can make video after video but when it comes to essays... i'm a hopeless case.

here's to another year of getting older lol

Jeff Edelman said...

You're absolutely right about the birthdays. As you get older, you'll care less and less about your birthday. And it's because of what you said: Everything is more exciting when you're a kid. 21 is really the last birthday to celebrate - I guess until you reach 100. I know some people think that the older you get, the better you get. But I sure haven't found that to be the case. I get worse every year :)

Martin said...

I actually thought you were about my age or younger (Im 21, 22 this year).

Does that make you feel any less old, or just moreso?

I've never been a fan of birthdays though, hate fuss being made over me. My friend's dragged me out on my 20th. Managed to stay away from them on my 21st. ha. I don't drink or anything so there was never gonna be a wild party for me.

wikdot said...

no pictures in this blog :(

ur MediaFire folder doesn't seem to want to load for me (at least not quickly). it just sits there saying "Loading files..."

Laura said...

I'm 23....and I agree. My birthdays are never exciting anymore. My favorite was probably when I was turning 10 and I had a party at a roller skating rink, which I find pretty strange since I can't roller skate worth a damn. But, still my favorite birthday. So I've solved your problem of the missing excitement. You should go roller skating on your birthday.

And for a present...I would say that I'd buy you a ticket for the Ben Kweller show on March 5th that I'm headin to, but that would involve you buyig a ticket to the states. Oh well, hope you have a good one.


Emily North said...

Oh, come on! any excuse to celebrate is a good one!
doesnt matter what the reason is though... lol

Moonlight Horses said...

Hey, Dave! it was great to see how you stoically faced the weather and sang 'Today' in the snow! Didn't you get WTF-like glances by your neighbours? Mate, you should post more Bright Eyes covers. What about 'Classic Cars'?

Cait said...

awesome! more musuc <3 people find it odd that I have heaps of your covers on my mp3 player, but whatever.

oh and Happy Birthday :D