Tuesday, 3 June 2008


I decided to enter one of my videos into this clipstar competition thing. Its the first time I've entered a video into anything so I'm a little unsure how it will do. Its all on votes so I should get a few from youtubers who are nice enough to go to another website. One problem I've just realised, if I had it on clipstar before I uploaded to youtube then people would have seen the link in the description and maybe gone and voted, but it's already had 10,000 views on youtube so it probably won't get that many more.

I might put a second one up and make sure I do it the other way around. That video, 'The Promise' by the way, I put in the band or group category, even though it's only me I thought it was fitting because there were four of me and all... But there is also a 'singing or music' category, so I think I'll enter one in that too. I might make this one a cover as well since a lot of the past winners have been covers. I'll try to think of a song that shows off my voice. Maybe some Jeff Buckley.

The prize for this thing is certainly worth winning, voting goes on for three months, I think it's about one month in at the moment, and the winner of each category gets £5,000, then I think you go through to a bigger thing but I won't worry about that just yet! With £5,000 I could make some serious improvements to the quality of the music and videos I'm making. The last winner of the band category got under 500 votes, but I think it'll be higher this time, so that's about 10% of my subscribers. Not sure if I could get that many to be honest, but we'll see. I'm hoping for some karma here, I always go and vote for people when they ask!

Ohh I just looked and I've got my first vote. Go karma! Haven't even asked yet!

Well here's the link to it, yes I'm starting with you blog people... you're the most trustworthy and committed!


Thanks! <3

p.s. Great work with last.fm! We will have world domination, one website at a time!

p.p.s. For some people it's saying video not found... For me it's there on windows but not on my mac :S

I'll try to sort it out and will update you when it's working. Cheers guys.


eva said...

OK done I voted :)
hehe I think your loyal fans and subscribers would do everything you say.. you are just trying to build up your own army like nerimon, aren't you?! :P

Inbal said...

totally gonna vote, how can i not?!
i think that "The Promise" is one of your best song. no doubt.
you are without a doubt my favorite youtube artist.

Paul said...

Video Not Found says the website, I would vote if I could.

Jon said...

I was just heading over to vote, but the video seams to have gone.


Ciara said...

Voted dearie

And yes we blog people rawk

Lori said...

done............good luck!

Paul said...

The video is available now, so I have voted.

wordsfromblueskies said...

Thanks Paul!
And everyone!

Jim said...

I'm going to vote, but it's annoying how they want your name and address and shit.

Aidan said...

I Voted.

Good Luck.


dooogiee said...

if i vote 5 times, can i have £100?
come on, its only 2% of ur winnings!

wordsfromblueskies said...

2%?! HELL NO!

Jesse said...

Voting for you dave :3
Now you us all your soul.