Sunday, 15 June 2008

Forget the European Championships...

I spent the day at my parents' school football festival! The less idiotic of you will have correctly assumed that my parents are teachers. I've never really talked about them, or anyone from my life on here which is odd. To be honest I find it strange when my two worlds collide in any way. I hate it when family ask about music and my internet stuff. I don't know why either, we are pretty close... My sister and I were never much trouble growing up so we've had the sort of relationship 30 year olds have with their parents for quite a while. But yeh, I never know how to explain it, I don't think it matters that it's family, I couldn't explain it to myself. I think you have to be a part of it to understand it really, the whole internet thing.

Now at this point I'm going to be honest with you, I can't remember why I started writing this. I usually have something I want to say or some time to fill, but all I know is I'm going to bed when I've finished this. That last sentence must have made apparent that I've had a drink or two (or... continue with numbers). *Thoughts from stickam* Nic is hoping it was about him... but everyone knows I love him so I can't see there's much to add there, Tom was going for stickerman, don't even get me started - I'm gonna see if I can get him on youtube before I divulge further, all I'll say for now is, drunk tom is very, very funny. So I'm at a loss.

Here's a thought though (those two words are very similar). There are a few videos that friends have put up lately that I would like to respond to, for example 55 words by Mr. Ed (Eddplant, no horses involved) and Mhazz's letters thing, but I haven't because... I don't know why. I've been overly cautious about what I put on my channel I think, I don't know if people will get annoyed if they subscribed for music. I shouldn't care about that sort of thing, I never did until recently, but somehow I seem to be counting viewers in thousands and that has made me a little bit paranoid. I'm really not the paranoid type so I think I'm just going to tell myself to stop being a twat and do whatever I want like I usually do.

Sorry if you read this, my excuses have been made.


notwrittenbyaninja said...

lol, nice blog

jennasie said...

you shouldnt care what people think of your channel. its YOUR channel.

you do have over 5000 subscribers so... loosing a few due to boredom... i really dont think it matters.

Inbal said...

you really should just put up any video you like regardless to what people may or may not like.
you shouldn't be dependent on what other people want.
you should always ask yourself: "?am I happy with this?" . and if you are just put it on youtube or whatever. DO WHAT YOU WANNA DO.

Carol J. Richardson said...

Very nice blog. You always come across as very articulate. And you know of course,
everything is "permanent" when put into cyberspace. Off to work again.....good luck in the competition. You are doing GREAT and your many fans can attest to that!!!!!

eva said...

just do what you want to do! its your channel!! if some people wont like it then they will unsubscribe but there will be others who will love it and they will subscribe :) who cares its all yours...

hehe im sorry i cant forget bout the european championship! i live in the country where it is.. its not possible to live here and forget bout it..its everywhere!! xD

Mandy Kelly said...

Surely with your ego, you’d have already decided that we would be happy, and feel privileged, to watch a video of you just sitting there doing nothing :P

People who subbed because they are fans of your music won't be annoyed because you speak sometimes.
In fact, I like some bands more when I hear them speak because I realize they are not all egotistical asses, & they are people I not only respect, but feel proud to listen to.
Besides, you’re not even getting paid to entertain us. Do what you want. If it’s something you want to do, & it makes you happy, do it. That’s all that matters.