Monday, 23 June 2008

Tiredness levels

I think I can sum up my current level of tiredness by saying that my legs alone were not enough to tackle the stairs, and that I had to use my hands as well to crawl up the neverending (14) steps.

Yesterday, I think it was yesterday though I'm struggling here, I went down to London. It was a long day. It began at around 8:30 and an hour later I started driving, By 1pm I was at Victoria station in London looking around for Tom, when suddenly there was Mr. Nerimon and Miss Mhazzrocks standing right in front of me!

We found the others and went off to do some random touristy things, which were suggested in jest and done anyway, mainly because they were indoors. Funny thing about meeting people you rarely see, personally anyway, I never really want to do anything but hang out with them, you just feel like you have to go and do something because you've made such an effort to be there. Anyway we did stuff (science museum, Tate gallery, Wagamamas) and then a few of us headed back to a hostel, well nine of us... six if you ask the guys at the hostel! It was a great night, we just sat around with a few drinks talking until falling asleep somewhere around six of the AM.

It was a shame Alex couldn't come back, half a day is not enough with my #1 fanboy. But it was great to talk to Myles, Laura and Ian (who might be the most awesome person ever, by the way) again for it had been too long, plus some of the guys and girls I speak to in stickam - got to speak to them without looking at a computer and with inappropriate touching. The only thing I'm disappointed with is the lack of an appearance by stickerman!

Ok so at this point I'm going to go collapse on my bed. This was going to be longer but it's not happening tonight!

So bye.


Ciara said...

The first paragrapgh made me go awww ..=)
Sounds like you had a great time and you can always tell how good a time you had by how much it fucks you up, or in your case how tired you are lol
I'm going to london with my school in september and i cant wait! XD

(oooh p.s. i might have some news for you soon concerning a new channel ;).)

notwrittenbyaninja said...

Dont worry, im sure stickerman was there in spirit xD

or maybe he was out fighting crime or getting drunk

RandomTomInc said...

Oh Oh Oh i see how it is, so im just a "Great Guy" From stickam am i? :P One day dave your going to have to write me a fanboy blog.... Ok, actually maybe not.. but still!!

Stickerman is something noone wants to witness in person surely!!! Did you not hear his words "Look into my eyes and you will die" :P

I can totally understand the tiredness, i collapsed asleep in bed last night! Still need to finish my blog!!

Ian said...

WOOOOOOOOO goood times goood times, sorry if i crushed you, that might be the reason why you are soo tired, broken rib - punctured lung - lack of air getting to the places which it needs to and you might not wake up tomorrow.

Ohh and Btw how many of those muffins did you eat? lol x

Jon said...

What hostel did you go to? I was at the Generator in London from Mon to Wed.