Thursday, 26 June 2008

Gone a been a bit productive!

Recorded a song for the collab ep and sent it off to get some beautiful harmonies recorded by Ms Tsontilis. Don't mean to sound too full of myself but it's pretty goddamn good! I can't wait to hear it with Emily's part. I won't say what song it is because I'm gonna leave it as a surprise. I also added some bass lines into a few of the other tracks I have half done, because I've recently discovered the joy that is the bass guitar.

In other news I have a gig in Nottingham one week from today (3rd July) if anyone is near. It's in a place called Bar None. don't ask me for directions cos I'm clueless. I imagine Google knows, ask him.

Also, lets face it: The finale of Dr Who looks fucking awesome.


Inbal said...

good luck at your gig =] wish i lived in england and could come and watch you play...
btw i also watch dr who but in israel season 3 has only ended, really loved the last episode with Kylie Minogue it was really good (except for some part that was just like ah?) so this week the new season starts, and yours ends.
fact: dr who is simply awesome.


Justin said...

looks like your friend isnt getting his bass back :P

Jesse said...

Can't wait for your collab Dave =)