Friday, 6 June 2008

Almost fainted

Just then after singing 'Nobody does it better' while waiting for some files to convert.

Was pretty funny.

I'm aware I haven't updated the goals for this month, I've been really busy and so I don't feel like I need them at the moment, I probably will type some up when I have time though.

I'm working on a Fratellis song for the video that's just been featured. I got most of it done yesterday and it's sounding really good. As most of the people entering aren't 'proper' musicians (attempting not to sound like a music snob/twat here... failing) I feel like it has to be really good! Just to distance it from the guy in his bedroom feel... even though that's what it is, I like to try to put more into my videos to show I take music seriously, that's why I usually use my proper recording stuff instead of just the mic on my camera, even though it's pretty good.

I recently put up an email address on my channel ( so people can send me stuff, don't know why I hadn't before, I've started a little collection of pictures on my myspace, including me in the libertines and me in the beatles! Plus some grade A DS art by Nic, obviously.

Of course I've also had people asking me for the chords to songs, telling me their freerice score, tagging me in tag games (thanks Alex), and one that simply said "how old are you?" I tried scrolling down and checking for attachments, there were none.

Jamie from YouTube has also been in touch, which in nice. It's good to have that channel of communication open - I've never talked to him or anyone from the site before.

Oh thanks for voting on clipstar! I know the site/video wasn't working very well when I posted last, but it seems to be ok now, the video even got featured over there... Doesn't mean much compared to a youtube feature obviously but I'm sure it helped. I'm currently in forth place, which is pretty good considering the three above (I assume) have been collecting votes over the last month and mine has only been up a few days.

I put a link in the video description on youtube but I haven't actually asked people to vote from anywhere but here yet. I'm going to try to take it slowly, probably only mention it in a video in the last week or so because I think random people from clipstar will be more likely to vote if I'm only in forth. Plus other people on youtube might enter if they see me say it! There are a few youtubers on there in other categories, so if you made an account for me (THANKS <3) then you may wanna go have a look around and support them too. The ones I can think of now are RandomProdInc, AmazingPhil, Y2KJon, 3sixty5days, MuggleSam, Walllofweird... and a few other I don't know personally.

Ok I'm gonna get back to 'work', talk to you later - oh I've decided everyone should get drunk and come on stickam tonight. The only thing better than a drunk friend is one that can't throw up on you because they're miles away. This all started because Barry Aldridge, the Godfather of YouTube, seems to think I'm an alcoholic! I've actually been properly drunk probably twice this year, Alex is more of a drunk than me and he doesn't drink!



johncox88 said...

free wine at Sineads art exhibition thing this evening should ensure that I'l be a bit drunk. I may top myself up after with some cans of something or other.

eddplant said...

Damnit, you will not RR me a third time. I'll try and get on stickAM tonight.

Jesse said...

Art for dave that I sent him a while ago but he couldn't use because it was a too late :P

Lisa said...

Heehee.. I was one of the people that tagged you... now I've been mentioned in yours and Mhazz's blogs for this heinous crime..=P