Tuesday, 10 June 2008

The 9th of June.

Got up, had breakfast out in the garden, did a few not particularly interesting things and was out of the house by 11ish.

Nic's uber happiness from his 4 hour stint of listening to Jason Mraz last night turned out to be pretty infectious, and yes I caught it bad! I went with The Kooks new(ish) album, which I'm not totally sure about overall; it's definitely good - I'm just not sure if it's great yet, but the first track is so great that I want to play it all the time and when I'm listening to it my body and mind seem to be perfectly in rhythm.

Anyway, I went to town to get my hair cut (zomg) and get a few other things, which I did. The sun was out and just built upon my good mood, I noticed how the majority of people smiled when I caught their eye, they don't do that when it's cloudy. Having spent about £30 on nothing much I headed back to the car and I walked passed this couple having an argument.

It was one of those arguments where everyone around is watching and they don't even pretend not to, they're all just full on staring at this couple. I missed the main part, just saw the guy walking away, putting his tattooed arms up in the air as if to say either 'I'm not guilty' or 'I can't take any more - this is ridiculous' I couldn't quite decide which. Then I saw what I assumed was his wife, she was in one of those motorised wheelchairs you usually see old people in with the little basket on the front. This one though looked like it had been reinforced to hold her substantial weight. I'm not talking about someone who's pretty overweight, more someone that's so fat it looks like they have extra limbs - I could point to bulges that I genuinely was unsure what part of the human anatomy they belonged to. Anyway I gave these two a backstory in my mind. I won't go through it all but be sure that it involved love, revenge, plot twists and an a terrible secret about why she was so outrageously fat.

I came home and did some filming for the Fratellis song I'm working on, it's too hot for drumming today. Far too hot for drumming.

But I think I have everything I need now so I can get to the editing, which is going to be... ambitious! So it might take a while, I'm not sure.

There's a new Russell Brand podcast out, which has topped up my happy levels.

There is one thing I'm gutted about; I forgot to make the start of a video where I say 'Before I start I need to sort this out' then point and my hair and it gets cut. I forgot about that.

Other than that I'm happy.


Tal said...

Is the song going to be in the Fratellis competition?
I'm jelous of you, because to me sunny days are a scary reminder of the upcoming summer which is far from being enjoyable in Israel.
Thank god I won't be here for the most of it.
But stay happy and good luck with the song =]


ArraJane said...

Is England a month behind the entire world? I think it's June, Dave. I should know considering today is my birthday. (: Love to hear that story about the amazingly overweight lady. Can't wait to watch your new video soon.

Lori said...

lol, why was she so fat in your mind? I like how you give a backstory to things you see on the streets, sign of a creative mind. Umm...how short is your hair?

Carol J. Richardson said...

UMM... Argument sounds like a mystery plot to me. Since I'm a writer, always looking
for characters. As I've heard and believe; everyone has a story within them. Hers is no doubt a sad one. Been working almost round the clock so not much time for writing or getting online but wanted to wish my favorite on YouTube lots of luck with the new contest. You get better all the time. I still think the Dylan cover would have brought many votes? Of course, it's still my fav. Good luck since you'll surely get lots of votes for anything you put out there. Have a lovely day !!!!!