Saturday, 21 June 2008


So I forgot to give the last post a title, and in my little behind the scenes part of this website it just called it '44'. I'd never thought about how many of these I'd done until I saw that. So although blogging was certainly already a bandwagon when I hopped on, I have at least kept it going now long enough for it not to be a fad and frequently enough for it not to be... crap. I suppose I could write frequent crap, but quite a lot of people read it so it can't be that bad. Plus it's kinda for me anyway. Well half for me, half for people who are interested in getting to know me more than my videos allow.

Tomorrow morning I'm heading down to London to see some friends. This pleases me. It's been a long time since I've seen any of them, and they've all been off meeting each other at various collections and congregations that I have been unfortunately unable to attend. I even seem to have managed to get various little projects sorted out to an extent with which I'm happy, so all that remains is to remember to get up early, and getting up early is a lot easier when you're looking forward to the day anyway.

I don't think I even know everyone that will be there so hopefully there will be a nice surprise or two waiting for me. If anyone who reads this is going let me know so I can get excited!

Also and very much off topic, I saw this video a few minutes ago. If you can't be bothered to click that link it basically says that Calum, one of the guys in charge of the 365 project, is doing a 36 hour (StickAid? 24 hours? pfft!) stickam chat to raise money for charity. It starts at midnight tonight, so if you have any free time over the next day and a half then here is the link to the stickam page, go say hi!

Another topic change, my last few videos have apparently not show up in quite a few peoples subscription boxes. So check my channel if you think you may have missed any. The last three were Gideon, VLR and ID.

One last thing before I go, Alex Day must go on countdown. That would complete my life.


Inbal said...

I'm going!
ya I wish. well I live in Israel so it's pretty much obvious why I can't come... ya... so jelous of all you guys that you have all those gatherings where you can meet other youtubers and such...

well promise to have a blast. for me ( and for you if u must.... lol) XD


brokenpledge said...

I enjoyed the last 3 videos! Was really surprised to see so many videos popping up on consecutive days (i think...). So yeah. Hope you have fun at the gathering!

delfina =)