Wednesday, 18 June 2008

I just used the phrase 'That's the best thing I've ever heard' so I figure it warrants a blog.

Basically, Pav had an RE exam and in it he " lolled about" which went like this...

Castle03: i wrote the flathead lyrics
Castle03: then said, oops i just accidentally broke into song
Castle03: btw my friend does an awesome cover, check him out at musicfromblueskies on youtube :D


Also VLR series two started today, you probably know because you probably watch my videos. Listen to it, it's amazing. If you haven't heard of it I'm very jealous because you get to go and listen to the whole first series for the first time. I have to wait TWO WEEKS now for a new one.

Third good thing; I thought the hoi sin stir fry thing I found open in the back of the fridge was a mistake a couple of hours after eating it, but I feel alright now.

Final thing, last blog I mentioned Stickerman... well he has made his way onto youtube! Find him here. All I'll say is that video contains the line, "My name's Hermione Granger, and I'm a BEARD!"


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philosophisingatheist said...

today i used the phrase "the best thing i've ever seen in my life", and it really was, i turned 18 like 2 weeks ago and today i got something in the post that was like a mock newspaper about registering to vote, but the headline was something like "UK awaits decision from Victoria Pearson" i got in from an exam and walked through the kitchen, looked at it, thought oh that's weird someone important has the same name as me then realised it wos post for me and i laughed non-stop hysterically for about 10 minutes, whoever thought of it was a genius, if i wasnt so politically minded and i didnt want to vote id vote purely because of that...i think my story warrents a blog too!