Friday, 9 May 2008

Reasons to be happy

My sister Katie and her boyfriend Matt will be here in twelve hours.

One of my videos is currently playing on Charlie's page. I like Charlie, he's nice. I've only met him once at upstaged and I was a bit preoccupied, but I noticed one thing, he was nice.

People are digging The Sunshine Sessions, and well they should! It was a great idea. I'm hoping to put out five parts, four of which I've already recorded, and I want them all up within a week and I want them all to make the first page of the weeks top rated/commented/favourited videos in music, so one quarter of the top twenty music videos will be me! How good will that look?! Also when they are all on youtube I'm going to get them in mp3 format and make them downloadable, not on myspace, but all together from one of those sites... like Jay's EP. 

I got a comment on that first video from someone in South Africa, they said they liked it when it was sunny in the UK because the whole world seemed to get happier! I loved that.

I don't love that I accidentally removed their comment. If you're reading this, I'm sorry.

The Collab EP has begun! I've sent two songs out so I can do no more to them until I get parts from the collabees! I could do with picking songs for everyone next, then get started on one or two more. It's quite good doing so many at once, because I don't need to rush people, I've always got something to do... Those two I can't do more on until I get parts back, but so what, I've got a load of others to start!

I'm currently thinking that getting on as many ipods as possible is a very good idea, so with The Sunshine Sessions and the collab EP being sent out to music collections throughout the world for free and being quite well promoted there should be 'Blue Skies' sections popping up everywhere! Once you're on ipods you get promotion without having to do anything. I like that thought.


I'm getting subscribers again, which is nice! I went down to only getting about 10-20 a day for quite a few days, but I got over 60 today, that must be one of my highest. I was a bit disappointed with the Kings of Leon video though. With a lot of my recent videos they have gone to the top of searches, so for example if you searched 'the strokes' for about a fortnight after I released my cover of them, that was the number one search result. Because of this, that video has more views than the one that got featured, same with Iris. But the KoL cover got nothing! I'll tell you what you get if you search for 'kings of leon', you get the bloody Kings of Leon! It's a shame, I got it in stereo and everything, I wouldn't have bothered if I'd known!


Still I make that five reasons to be happy against one annoying thing. The fact that the second part of The Sunshine Sessions still hasn't uploaded can make the final score 5-2. So a good day. Bedtime now and I just had one of those 'Oh my God' moments when you realise the time is an hour later than you thought it was.

Sorry this has been a bit all over the place... Well not that sorry, I'm sure you'll get over it.



rachel said...

hi dave. i personally love your sunshine sessions. i put this in you video comment, but i'm a repetitiev person. if that back ground was your backyard, then i'm insanely jealous.

it looks so pretty, and the screenshot of the video make me want it as my desktop background [but not ina weird way] can't wait till the next one comes out. =]

Allie said...

Don't worry, you're already on my ipod!

Veel said...

omg i think its happening already with the first two vids!~ i just made a new youtube account and imma make the sunshine sessions my only favourite videos because i digg em, and their thumbnails are very pretty :]

Veel said...

p.s. dave, i think i should put the videos responses to the previous ones so if people stumble into one they can easily clicky through all of em :] just a thought

and wow, this is a p.s. thats written an hour later.

Veel said...


sorryyy i'm all over this comments section!

muffin said...

I know if it comes to you there are other standards but I'm still surprised you consider 10-20 a day not that much ^.^

Michela said...

pshhh..only 10-20 subs a day...whats wrong with you dave? hahaa jk. that more than i get in 2 months.
i love the sunshine sessions (as its pouring here at the moment) and cannot WAIT for the ep!!!


Lisa said...

Hey Dave! Also wanted to say that I too am loving the sunshine sessions, particularly as the weather has gotten really cloudy lately:( But I was watching it in school and about 5 people asked who you were, so I'm doing my best to spread the Blue Skies joy! Yay! Also, you're already on my ipod so go you!:P