Sunday, 4 May 2008

Where all good stories come from.


Especially if they are Irish.

So I have a story for you, one that I just heard for the first time, which is the most amazing part because I thought I had heard every story my grandad had in him, most of them several times!

Just in conversation my Dad mentions Tho Who, and my grandad says 'Oh, I remember them.' This is unexpected. His knowledge of rock/pop music is limited at best, The Beatles are the only band I think are big enough for me to be confident he would know them. He's into... Marty Robbins and... stuff. Anyway his appreciation and taste in music is beside the point, all I'm trying to say is that he is unaware of the popularity of this band, which is probably why I've made it through 22 years on this earth having never heard this story before.

On further enquiry as to how he 'remembered' The Who he comes out with this little gem. Please include an Irish accent when reading his lines, it will greatly improve the realism and wonder of his story.

He used to work as an accountant for Granada, and here my knowledge is shady, but this day he was working in some large music venue, but... as an accountant. 'The only other people in the whole building' he says, obviously prone to exaggeration but that's why everyone loves old Irish people, 'were The Who.' They were rehearsing for a gig. He was doing accounts. Unsurprisingly, they were quite loud and off putting, so he went and found them and ASKED THE WHO TO TURN IT DOWN! The best part however, is that they did turn it down with their apologies!

I only wish I could write a story as well as he could tell it, and I hope you know an elderly Irish gentleman who is similarly stereotypically brilliant at weaving a tale and holding the attention of everyone within earshot so that you can relate to being told a story from the genius that is my grandad.


Also I have had a stroke of genius about the collab EP. I was just going to go along putting up videos for each song when it was finished, but I've realised that would be stupid. I'm going to hold off releasing any of the songs at all until they are all finished and everything is ready. Then I'll have a 'launch' night where I put up a video explaining what I've done and the videos for each of the songs go up on the channels of the people I did them with, all with a link to a download of the whole EP. It'll be awesome. We can take over the music section of youtube! Ok maybe not, but it will be awesome, and I think I can reach a lot of people. Even if these ones wont be my original songs, having a ''Blue Skies' section on that many people's ipods has got to be good! But I'll be honest, that's just me justifying to myself the time it will take, the main reason is that I want to work with these people and to listen to it myself!


Jon said...

That story is amazing! Old peoples stories are so cool, much better when they are Irish!

Claudia said...

He told The Who to turn down!? WHOA. That's an awesome story!

runa said...

ah, wonderful story .

Lisa said...

Yay Irish people! We do know how to spin a yarn alright:D

Carol J. Richardson said...

Dave, I'm a little behind in reading your blogs but wanted to say that it was special
reading your story about your Grandad. I would give anything to have mine back-
they were so wise. Sounds like you have an awesome family. You are lucky so
appreciate them since time someday will seem brief!