Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Being vegetarian, dreams and last fm.

So I bought some quorn. Guess that's the first part pretty much done! It's been two days, not been that hard but I guess we'll see. Oh for anyone who reads this and doesn't watch my videos (does such a person exist? I'm curious) I've gone veggie for a week. Watch this. if you care.

Dreams. Bad ones. Last night I dreamt I accidentally ate meat and... umm... oh dammit! I forgot the other thing, but it was similar in that I messed something up, but what's funny is neither of them were things I care about that much. Hmm.

Ok last but not least fm. I've been uploading stuff there. I had some kind of half page on there already, just because some people who have my songs use the lastfm widget thing... I don't really know how it all works you probably figured that out by now. But I uploaded the songs properly so people can listen from there AND apparently I can get royalties from the advertising, just like youtube partner stuff. I don't expect I will ever see any money from there, or maybe about £10 in about a year, but it's good to have set it up.

Especially as I think there is another band somewhere that shares my name, because there were some tracks on there that weren't mine, so I'm attempting to take over! I've sent out bulletins telling people about it, basically I think if a lot of people go over and listen to my songs they will be the ones that appear on the page instead of the other 'blue skies' whoever they may be.

As my lovely blog readers I am expecting you to do this as well, oh yes. And any of you that know the site better than me go ahead and do whatever you can do on there! Is there an equivalent to subscribing? I did manage to make a playlist of the songs and embed it on mymymyspace, if other people started doing that it would be very helpful! When the EP nears completion I'm gonna start properly pushing the idea of word of mouth advertising, it's so powerful today with this clever little thing called the internet.

Four songs have been started for the collab ep. I'm listening to the song me and Jay are covering now and I'm excited!

 here is the page.



eva said...

hey, i unfortunately can only be half vegeterian because my family especially my bros love meat and my mum won't cook vegeterian just for i will just try to eat as less meat as possible! haha i have been on that last fm page several times but i just dont get it its confusing the only thing i figured out how to do it is listeing to the songs..and i did listen to yours xD

Jim said...

What the fuck is quorn? I mean, I've heard of it, but I have no idea what it actually is. What does it taste like?

Lisa said...

Yay I'm already a top listener! I was actually on it last week I think to see if there was anything done to it, but now it's all purty!
And go you on the whole vegetarian thing! I meant to do it, but forgot and my mum had made chicken pie for dinner, and then yesterday I didn't get home til midnight and she left lasagna for me in the oven, and then today my dad did a bbq.. the fates are just against me=(

Jesse said...

Oh love your album art <3
Shame I can't buy it though.

Oh and Quorn... had to google that. Looks... Tasty.

Tal said...

Hey you also have a blog, that's great.
You and Blade376 made me Vlog as well!
So yeah I have only one, very lame video but that's a start!
Being a vegetarian isn't that hard just think about all those things without meat you used to eat, there's planty.

cya =]

sarah said...

that's funny about the dreams. i used to get them when i avoided certain foods. i have been vegeterian for over a year now. i didn't do it consciously, i just don't ilke meat. i love your videos and your blog! you're very talented.

Kismetta said...

You + Ben = Vegetarian >> Me too. Baah. I missed his video last week, so NEXT week will have to be vegetables 'n' quorn week for me. =) Keep well. x Gemma

Adam said...

I've been a vegetarian since March 1973 (yes, I'm old), and I had my first ever 'eating meat' dream this week. I must admit, it tasted revolting - I can smell and taste in my dreams for some reason - and I laid it all to one side on the tablecloth with relish.

Nice to know that my subconscious finally agrees with my decisions!