Friday, 16 May 2008

Thoughts on a song

I'm uploading a song at the moment. It's going to take a while because my internet is made of failure, and since it's quite a strange song I thought I'd write about it.

It's strange because I wrote it in three parts and I was in a very different mood, or at least thinking about very different things when writing each. I should point out right now, it's not as funny as that song from 'The Wedding Singer', the one he wrote half of before he broke up with his girlfriend and half after... But it is all over the place. So I'm gonna run through it because I think some people might be interested, but really it's more that I want to run it through my head. If you don't care about the thought process behind a song then I'd stop reading this round about now.

The first part I wrote yesterday, I was feeling kinda down and really lethargic, it was just one of those days where I didn't think anything productive was happening, my mind was flicking between topics and never settling on one, which I suppose is how the song turned out as well, which is quite nice.

A little while later I was listening to Jack Poulson (who had just put a new song on his page) and that was picking me up, it really made me want to write but I was annoyed because nothing I've written lately has been finished or turned out right. That's what the 'Jack has me falling in love again but it seems so distant' part is about: songwriting. I can confirm I have not fallen in love with someone called Jack.

The word distant got me thinking about how far I am physically from all my friends. That and I got a call from Alex who is up in Glasgow with Mhazz, by the way, expect hilarity from a certain youtuber not mentioned involving a bike ride! Also go watch Davey's video where he asks 'why do so many people die of cancer every year?' as he puts out a cigarette... in a graveyard. Genius.

Getting off topic. The repeated line, 'take me in...' is about a few things but centered around that longing for physical closeness with friends I don't see often enough. Adding 'your mind' on the end was to put a more positive spin on the idea, because I know even if I can't be with them, I see them and hear them through all this technology some nice person invented for us. Also it's a way of saying I hope I'm in their thoughts like they are in mine. I think of new meanings and forget old ones every time I think about that line.

The last verse is the most out of place and makes no sense. I wrote it today after I had the guitar part figured out and had sung through the rest of it once or twice. That had me in a much happier mood because I love the guitar in it so I was really writing about writing. I don't know why people don't write about writing more, after all you write about what you do and what are you doing when you're writing? You're writing!

So that's what I was thinking when I wrote a strange song about all sorts of things. Hardly great lyrics but I kinda like it... And the guitar is shit hot.

Oh but I just got a comment on youtube that informed me I can't actually sing, so I'll be closing my account now, bye.


EDIT: Ok Just want to add a few things, it's a couple of hours after this blog went up, and the video too. First off... Yes, that last line was a joke! I get those comments every day, they don't get to me.

And something I should have said was that this is a first draft and I will go over the lyrics - There is a balance between keeping true to the original feelings and creating a coherent, intelligent piece of writing. So far this is all feeling and little thought! Over the next few days hopefully I will go over it, probably replace the last verse and attempt to connect the others more solidly.

bye then!


Jasmin said...

OMG!!! I'm getting really excited now...a new original song...that's amazing...I hope your internet will work's been a while since you wrote this and it's still not on...but wow...can't believe it...first surprise today was that I finally found the link to the site where I can download the sunshine sessions...and now this great news...okay...I think that my day turned out to be not that started really badly to be honest...:P
and I'm really glad you shared your thoughts about the song...when I hear a song on the radio I sometimes have difficulties to understand what exactly they thought while they were writing it but now I think I won't have any problems with your song...:P...and I can really understand what you're saying about your friends...I have some in the US and I don't even know if I'll ever get the chance to see them least I can talk to them on the internet but that's nothing in comparison...
oh lol...long comment...and first ever I guess on your blog...:P
hope you're well! :)
and thanks for sharing your music and everything!!! x)

eva said...

OK now i have listened to the song several times and it's awesome!^^ I love the guitar!! and I have read this blog several times too hehe I guess you wrote some good and interesting stuff but for some reason I'm really tired and I can't get my brain to work properly so I only get bout a quarter of it :) I love you're writing in songs and blogs..I might read this blog again tomorrow though!
uhm...If you can't sing then no one can! xD

Caro said...

yaaaayyy! thank you so much for a new song!
That always makes my day! juhuu!
And if you do that (closing your account) I'll murder you with my own two hands! :-D JK

love caro

p.s.: hey jasi^^

Jeff said...

I really enjoyed hearing the thought process behind the song. And loved the song as well. Great going.

LeeAnn said...

I just saw the video for the song and the guitar part was really brilliant.

I love when I'm writing a song and something I didn't think would work in the song suddenly just fits. The last verse of your song reminded me of that feeling how when inspiration strikes, writing just comes so easily.

And now I'm all inspired to write!

Anywho, I loved reading through your thought process and now I'm gonna go listen again.

Looking forward to more music soon!

Carol J. Richardson said...

Just a little ditto to the nice comments already made. Your lyrics are becoming
poetry and every time you come up with a new song, it is so very different and
enjoyable. Your blogs are very thought provoking and sound like they are from
the heart. Keep up your lovely music and your confidence. You have nothing but
reasons for feeling accomplished. I've lived long enough to know good music
and talent--still remember Woodstock and still hearing good stuff. I am picky
and I really believe you have what it takes. Will be gone for five days working
plus going to school so will look forward to what's next when I return. Keep on
keeping on!!!!!!Be sure to take time to rest and relax. Later-------

Guitar Heaven » A strange song about all sorts of things said...

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hajrah said...

i love the guitar on that song
i love your songs in general and your covers
and i think you have an amazing voice tbh!
i am an illustrator and i'd love to get your opinion on my latest piece
i'd appreciate it if you could take a look if you get the time

nikki said...

you know what, daveling?

i thought about you this morning & wondered if you ever got hat0rrr comments. then i re-thought it & remembered that on cam, you're poised, humble, talented & handsome, & thus i said "nah, he doesn't get them".

way to answer my question.
but whatever, they are turdburgers. you're wonderful.