Sunday, 25 May 2008

Eight minutes

The latest video to be featured on the uk youtube homepage is eight minutes long, and I just saw this comment

"8 mins .. you must be joking ..bye"

I mean seriously? Has the attention span of generation Y reached such a devastating low that they can no longer sit through an eight minute film? How do they watch tv, go to the cinema or read a book?

Read a book, who am I kidding?

But what do they do? How do they fill a day with tasks that are under eight minutes? Surely there aren't enough!

I thought I would write a thousand words on this to vent my frustration, but honestly I think that comment speaks for itself.

"You must be joking."



Mandy Kelly said...

What I don't understand is why someone even bothers to leave the comment in the first place. If you aren't interested in the video, click out of it. Keep your pointless comments to yourself. Why hang around and tell everyone that you disapprove of the length and that it's stopping you from watching it. Maybe they think that thousands of other people are waiting on his/her recommendation…
Personally, some videos are so enjoyable; I wish they were 8 minutes!

I love that it probably took you at least 8 minutes to make this blog entry, and that you actually thought about what they could possibly do with a day broken up into 'less than 8 minute' segments.
I just checked out the original comment... it turns out they were 'in a bad mood' when they wrote that. That's too much.
Although, I haven't watched the video either... that IS kinda long.
(Relax- I was kidding! I will watch it later… jeesh.)

sarah said...

from what i've observed on youtube, i wouldn't take comments too seriously. i'm enraged by things i read everyday. i mean, people write such racist, sexist, homophobic things all the time. do you remember apehodet's politics videos? i mean he's only 14 years old! and the things they wrote! i also watch k80blog and she did a video called "porno" about how it's so ridiculous how in hollywood, women strive to look like pamela anderson. she got so much hate for that she had to disable comments. at first it made me so angry, but i think you can't take those people seriously because in real life, which is what really matters, they would never say things like that. and i don't have respect for people that just say things to be mean because i go out of my way to nice to others even if i'm in a bad mood. it's not worth it to make another person feel sad, and people who don't realize that are not worth your time of day.

Justin said...

in a time when ritalin prescriptions and fast food consumption are going up, its not surprising someone would comment like that :/

Sheila said...

Maybe, just maybe they were implying on the time it would take for the video to load? An 8 minute long video would probably take 15 minutes to fully load using dial-up or any other devices generation x uses?

I would personally get rid of dial up and get an upgrade.

But I do see where you're getting at.

sean said...

i love long films on youtube
it kinda helps to put it in full screen to avoid distration

Jim said...

I've made a few 8- 9- and 10-minute videos. But I think my subscribers are people who like that sort of thing.

Someone relatively popular ( can't remember who now) made a video that was 7 or 8 minutes, and someone commented on the length and said, "you're not that special to me."

I thought that was particularly appalling.

Carol J. Richardson said...

Dave, You are so good at venting your feelings. Right on! I agree. You've heard
of little "Lemmings", right. Some of the human race have so little patience or
attention span they remind me of those little creatures, rushing to nowhere fast
and missing out on the good things of life. Hope you have wonderful time with family. Your Dylan video is the best I've seen on YouTube. It is not long enough!!!!!!I've even shared it with my son whose job sent him to Kuwait. I want everyone to see your
talent. I may be a grandmother but I know good music. Can't wait to get your first
cd. Keep up the great work. Carol

Dan said...

Nice, I agree, I love long videos though, but I still read, I take a while, but I love it.

fallacious said...

fallacious says : I absolutely agree with this !