Sunday, 11 May 2008

Going well so far

Love it!

top 3


Think I'll do another one today if I can get some quiet.


Inbal said...

you totally deserve that =]
don't ever stop making songs that we all love oh so much.

Claudia said...


Caro said...

how awesoem!!! well you deserve it! especially the sun won't rise tomorrow is amazing!

Michela said...

dave is taking over the tube... :P
you deserve it, congrats!!!!!!!

in the winter you can do fireside sessions...only with a catchier name :P


Jesse said...

Sounds like a great idea Michela

wordsfromblueskies said...

Ooh yeh I like that! though I don't even know where I'll be in winter!

Now lets get the libertines up with these ones... Show your friends!
God I've turned into a right promo whore.

p.s. this is the best I can do with regards to answering comments on here. It sucks.

River Basil said...

congrats Dave!
You are one of the only musicians on YouTube that I actually watch. You totally deserve all the attention that you get... you'll go far :-)


Jesse said...

How many more Sessions do you plan on doing dave?

wordsfromblueskies said...

I don't plan haha, I don't have any more recorded atm and it's a bit windy today (still nice though!) I might go down the park and do a couple to finish on if we get a really still day.

Justin said...

bang up job dave :P

hmm are you still open to doing collabs?

Jesse said...

Aww drat, I was looking forward to seeing more of Dave's garden xD Although the park would be nice as well.

Hopefully it will get Sunny + Calm soon.