Thursday, 1 January 2009


Hey look, it's the first of January!

Also there's a lot of people in my house which currently has a striking resemblance to a rubbish tip. The year has been pretty good so far, for example Amazing Phil ust sat next to me! Good times.

Also Ian has made slippers out of kitchen roll. Hey look it's John Cox!

We had a fucking rave to the blues brothers last night. It was mint.

Ok bye then!



Starr said...

Glad you're all having fun!
Just remember not to have too much fun? XD

Anonymous said...

blow by blow account of the evening muchly anticipated, when fully sobered up blatantly. Happy New Year, oh and don't forget the 365 project *cough* is meant to start today.

WhereismyMind? said...

Weird to say this, but you are kind of an inspiration to me on the guitar;) so.. have a lovely year!

Santiago Casablanca

doug said...

who wrote this one?!

Darren said...

happy new year dave...i hope over the next few months we become closer freinds cause i dont think you know me too well...