Tuesday, 13 January 2009


So the last time I wrote here I was quite unwell and was about to go to London. I went, saw Julia Nunes and Greg Holden, both of whom were wonderful. I stayed at Paul's house and came back a little too early the next day, which I believe was Friday. I spent the rest of Friday learning a Julia Nunes song and recording a video for it and a little vlog after mentioning the gig and that I was going to the Dublin gathering on Sunday. I finished editing on Saturday morning, clicked upload and went to catch a plane to Ireland.

The flight was crazy in that pretty much as soon as we took off we were preparing to land. All sorts happened in Ireland, I will give you one paragraph of highlights.

I got a €5 = £5 pint with Johnny Durham at the airport, we assumed we'd been ripped off because it was an airport... Apparently not, the whole of Ireland is crazy expensive. We got told to go to the basement of our hostel for the best wi-fi reception then after an hour or two down there were politely asked by the man who told us that, 'What the FUCK are you doing down here?!' We found Ian, rather Ian found us after we had almost given up hope of ever seeing him again as he had no credit, which abroad means you can't receive calls either. Stephen got incredibly drunk. The hostel stole Ian's money. We got up far too early and went to a gathering. I met Sean! We (the whole gathering) got kicked out of A LOT of places, including a park (what the fuck?) We went back to Stephen's house and had lasagna. Todd fell down the stairs and got concussion. We got up RIDICULOUSLY early, went to a fancy studio and filmed some videos. Then we got the bus back to the airport, had a pint of Guinness as we hadn't thus far, and got on a plane back to my house. Well... to East Midlands Airport, then drove to my house.

Oh and somewhere in there I discovered the video I tried to upload before I left failed, so now I'm going to have to re-edit and lose the part where I say 'come to the Dublin gathering on Sunday' or I might be blamed for a very poor gathering next Sunday.

Now I'm in my house with Johnny Durham and The Toddly, who will both be heading back to Sheffield later so I guess I'll do that video tonight.

There, consider yourself blogged.



Anonymous said...

Sounds fun...

Anonymous said...

Hi!! I've seen your iris of goo goo dolls video on youtube...it's fantastic! I love this song so much... You play very good ;)
bye by an italian girl!

Anonymous said...

you wrote "their" instead of "there"

Anonymous said...

Hehe,You wrote about meeting me like it was a highlight ^^

Thanks fr giving a shit,I was expecting a hello and then that be it.

And sorry I'm so awkward,I ramble on about god knows what sometimes >.<

Hope I didn't put you off :P