Wednesday, 28 January 2009


Don't pay attention to the date, today was the 27th, it's just gone midnight.

Today's picture is intended to show you everything I got in town this afternoon, which consists of some headphones, a haircut and a shit load of plectrums because I lose them so fast I imagine I've set some sort of record. In fact the more observant of you will have noticed there are nine plectrums in the picture, which would be a strange number to buy - why not round it up to ten? Well I did. Apparently one has already bitten the dust.

The past couple of days I've been working on the second episode of YouToon with Dom and PJ and it's going really well. I think this is the first time I've thought of myself as a writer. An element of writing goes into most of my non-music videos but I never set aside time for it like we have to for this. The main difference I think is in my approach, in the past when I've written for my videos there has been very little actual writing involved. It's mainly just thinking about what I want say, just like I would in a conversation with someone, only for longer and maybe bullet pointing so I don't forget things.

With YouToon however I'm not thinking about me saying it, this episode for example I have hardly any good lines to say but that doesn't matter because the show on the whole is hilarious, and being a part of the reason for that is enough. Another reason I feel like a writer is I'm worried that people will mess up the lines I wrote!

So I must convey my thanks and admiration to Dom and PJ for making this happen and including me in it. Dom came up with an idea that pretty much gave us limitless writing possibilities, and without PJ we'd have been sat around for the last six months looking for an animator!

So anyway, tomorrow Johnny is driving here then we're getting a coach down to London and staying at Alex's for a night. I make this promise to you, my blog, that I will take some photos for you (because I know I usually forget). I'll also try to get some video footage because the reason we're going down is for an RNLI thing that we've been invited to. They requested we didn't mention any specifics but if you're near London and up (very) early on Thursday, pay attention to twitter, I'll tweet about it if I'm allowed.

After that I am DEFINITELY staying here for a while.

I'm sure I had more to say but alas, it has deserted my mind. I think it's time for bed anyway.



munchkinhugs said...

Hope you have a great time in London =)
Can't wait the photos!

Also, goodnight =]

rachel said...

maybe you can get a pick on a necklace chain, though that'll get in the way of playing. just a though =]

i can't wait until the next youtoons, it's really on a great start.

hope you have fun in london!

Anonymous said...

Hey man! Have fun! I've literally just caught up with myself, having finished exams on Friday! I feel so disconnected from all my YT friends, so will have to meet up soon dude!

Awesome picture btw! I really need to get myself a guitar haha!

And yesh, the cartoon is awesome! Really really hilarious! Which I thought was strange when you said you wrote some of the lines =p jokes!

Take care my friend! x

Anonymous said...

nice haircut


Veela said...

u look different; u have full healthy cheeks now, not hollow ones! :p


have fun in london!

Alan said...

What is a plectrum? (ignorant here)

Barry Aldridge said...

Have a great time in London and you saying I have no nationally lol.

Caaameron said...

plectrums are guitar picks, alan. In the UK they call them plectrums, which is the proper name for them ^^

Caaameron said...

btw we got our hair cut on the same day ;D