Friday, 30 January 2009

Sleep is for wimps

Hey hey! Yesterday I went to London. Look - here is proof!

Assuming you know what seats on the district line look like or can somehow work your way through the double glazed reflection and make out the four tired faces that belong to Becky, myself, Jazza and Alex - that's Becky's boyfriend.

So that was last night, and we were tired then, so it was an interesting choice to decide to forgo sleep and just play wii and watch flight of the conchords all night. There were two reasons for this: firstly we had to get up at 6am and personally I much prefer seeing 6am after many hours of being awake as opposed to a few hours of being asleep, and secondly I hadn't seen Alex in ages and wouldn't see much of him the following day (that'd be today if you're counting) so I wanted to spend some time with him, and remind him how funny I am.

Forgive me for using flashbacks but prior to the droopy eyed tube photo, we went into the 'Rainforest Cafe', which resulted in this rather wonderful portrait...

Johnny text us later on saying, 'What was that Rainforest place called?' If only he'd added, 'The place with the cafe' it would have been perfect, but it still had us laughing very loud on public transport.

I suppose I should get on to the reason we were in London and had to be up so early... The RNLI (formally known as the mystery package people) had set up a silent disco in Waterloo station as a part of their annual fundraising day, and they invited us. They started it at 8am to catch the commuters. I'd probably have preferred they catch them on their way home: yes 5pm would have just about allowed time for sleep, but nevermind. We went and we danced to songs Scott Mills played to us through headphones so nobody else could hear them and we even managed to enjoy it!

Afterwards Mhazz and I got our picture taken with Scott for one reason and one reason only - to annoy Doug. He loves Scott Mills... A lot.

Then we got some brunch and had a chat about the RNLI's plans for 2009 that may involve us in some way and we all went off our separate ways. Johnny and Ian came back to mine for dinner, Johnny's gone now but Ian is sitting next to me wishing Phil a happy birthday. We should probably go to bed, but once you've been awake for 39 hours, what's another one?!

So that brings us to now. I will leave you with one final photo. In Alex's house there are several interesting pieces of art. This is a picture of me with one of them. It's also wearing his hat.
I'm fairly certain Alex doesn't know I took this.

Sleep tight!



Jay said...

That's a long time without sleep. 0_o

ariel said...

talking to ian when he's at that point of being awake is fun
he agreed to buy a miniature pony!

doug said...

Mhazz said you sent it as a picture message, but my phone doesn't receive them! :(

booo luckkyyy! xD

Anonymous said...