Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Fuck the Atkins

I don't even know where to start.

New years was crazy cool. Basically I had a three day party incorporating Sophie's birthday, New Years Eve and New Years Day - not a traditional party day but I still had a whole load of people in my house!

Somehow only one glass got smashed (by some lunatic dinosaur apparently) no carpets were permanently damaged and there's only one MASSIVE HOLE IN MY FLOOR! We were raving with a strobe light in my bedroom. Eight people is a squeeze, there must have been at least 20 in there, many of whom (including myself to be fair) were on the bed, the bed only has six fairly small pressure points where it meets the floor. Where one of those was placed there is now a hole in both the carpet and the big thick wooden floorboard! I did laugh when I saw it and remembered how it must have happened. Still it was worth it for the rave, seriously good times.

One downside was driving to the station and back about 79 times a day, but it was great to not have to go home at the end of the night, and more importantly nobody else did either! The best part of gatherings always tends to be the hostel, it's more relaxed - there are less people so you can talk properly to those who are left. Plus you can have a drink.

Ok so missing out many stories, everyone went home. Dale was the last to go and as soon as I shut the door I went upstairs and went to bed. Not because I was tired, though I was - being kept up talking until around 7:30am then woken up by Mhazz to drive them to the station at around 10am, no I went to bed because I had caught what's become known as 'that bastard Ginger Chris's disease' which a large proportion of people who were there seem to have picked up. I stayed in bed until I had to let my parents in when they got home from skiing, two and a half days later. I'm over the main symptoms now but I have lost a stone in weight over three days so I can't walk up the stairs without needing to lie down for 20 minutes afterwards. Which brings me to the title of this entry. If you're looking for a diet, find a that-bastard-ginger-Chris's-disease sufferer and give them a kiss. Then wait. Forget Atkins he doesn't know what he's talking about. A stone in three days!

My aim now is to be able to stand up long enough to watch The Nunes on Thursday. A wonderful incentive I must say.

After that I'm heading over to Ireland for the weekend. Something I've been meaning to do for... Well, my whole life. My Mum's Irish you see, but her whole family moved over here when she was young, so my grandparents are the only ones with the accent. Still they are pretty much the central point of a very extended family because they have five kids and all of the people who are mad enough to marry into that, such as my Dad, are only-children or have just one sibling. So the Irish thing has always been quite prominent in my family life. I can't wait.

Oh hey did anyone see my first blogtv show? I don't imagine it was very good because I wasn't paying attention but my computer didn't crash as I imagined it would, so I might do another. I'd like them to pay me money, that'd be good.



Anonymous said...

Fuck me we didn't think you were that ill!!!

=[ Atleast your getting better now!
Yes, think of Nunes.
Get welll sooooon!!!

xxx <3

P.s the hole in the floor.. totally worth it. XD

LittleMissJadeykins said...

=O oh my that's not good at all!! I didn't realise you were really ill just thought you were tired!

awww get well soon Dave <3333 and hope the house didn't take too long to clean and whathaveyou.

thanks for having us all! :)


MikisthatChick said...

aw Dave i hope you feel better! I was looking at Beth's pictures and she says you all had a rad time there on New Years, sounds like it as well :D
there seems to be a massive Ginger Disease recovery going on all over youtube ;)

Ciara said...

=O Dave your coming to Ireland?! What part, North or the South? Visit me so you can give me Chris' disease, i need to shift some Christmas weight haha!

Have fun over here and feel better too =D

Anonymous said...

I was at your blogtv ^^