Thursday, 15 January 2009


Oh yes, it's a Blue Skies t-shirt.

Ok, before you wet yourselves with excitement, I've not got t-shirts. I've got t-shirt, singular. Dom got it for me for Christmas because he's lovely.

So no t-shirts for you yet, sorry. However I do have good news. I've spent tonight uploading a bunch of mp3s from old videos that you can download for free, and also finding a way to link you to a folder of them rather than one at a time. I'm adding individual links to all the video descriptions and most importantly the link at the end of this blog will take you to the whole folder so you can have a look and see which ones you have, which you want and download whatever.

This doesn't include anything I'm going to sell obviously as these are all free, so it's mostly cover songs. There are a couple of originals like the Stickaid song, that one minute youtoon promo and an instrumental called messabout that was on the Making the Band video we did at PJ's.

If any video makers are reading, which I expect they are, you have permission to use any of them in your videos if you just give me a little link in the description. (Though of course for covers you would TECHNICALLY need permission from the writer, but, well... Yeah.)

So here we are... Click this here link to be taken to the magic folder of downloadage!

p.s. notice there are two pages of songs, wouldn't want you to miss out!



munchkinhugs said...

The shirt is wonderful! You can now advertise yourself more.. hope you'll actually have a few of these made for us =)

Anonymous said...

The downloads dont seem to work...

Dave said...

They work for me... Try a different browser?

Batteris said...

Mad guitar skills!

MikisthatChick said...

i'm proud to say i have over 30 of blue skies songs on my ipod :D

and i never knew you did a brenden benson song! i didnt know anyone even knew about then...i friend of mine found thier cd in a discarded pile for $1, and we listened to it and loved it. i love "Insects Rule"