Saturday, 17 January 2009


Look at my tidy room... You can see the floor!

See I was working on a song today, and I kept treading on things so I stopped for a room cleaning break.

Right the download situation. A few people have said they were having problems and I couldn't get some of them to work before, but I've just tried one that wasn't working yesterday and it does now, though I am on a mac this time. Also the numbers show it's working fine for plenty of people, so I don't think there's anything wrong with the site. Anyway, there's nothing more I can do right now, but if they weren't working give it another go, maybe try a different browser or machine because it's definitely possible!

Also think I should mention I put a video up yesterday. I was a little concerned that it wasn't doing nearly as well as they usually do, then I got a comment saying it didn't appear in their subscription box. I thought they fixed that! Apparently they did maintenance last night which, as usual, fucked things up. Also, I thought Wednesday was maintenance day? Apparently not.

Well if anyone that reads this missed it, here it is.

I also added the song to the download folder, and thanks to Bruno's comment (thank you!) I've made a custom url for that folder, it's now called,

Ian, Sophie and Ivens should be here tonight to head up to Sheffield tomorrow... However Ian isn't even at Sophie's yet! Gonna be a late one. (If they get here at all!) At least I can do some work on that song.

p.s. lulz

p.p.s. Tom made me a new background!



Rob aka rlglufc said...

is that a yamaha dtxpress? i used to have one of those <3 :P it was my baby!

Dale said...

Cleaned my room too. It's nice, and you convince yourself you wont let it get messy again.

We'll see.

Alan Lastufka said...

Do you have Skype? We should chat some time.

Caaameron said...

I'm weird.
If my room is clean but one thing is on the floor, I freak out.
If it's totally messy, I don't care.

samantha said...

I read some old posts of your blog because I like reading about peoples' lives and I saw that you posted something about albums and you listed Sigur Ros.

I only have two songs on my laptop and I would like to thank you for reminding me that I have to get the rest of the songs.
And also another thank you for reminding me that I have to clean my room.

I agree that Sigur Ros is good for just laying down and listening.
So is Copeland. I've really grown attach to one of their songs 'Thanks to You'