Tuesday, 9 December 2008


Some of you will already have seen it, but for those who haven't, over the past few months I've been involved in a project with some friends from YouTube. It's a cartoon based around five youtubers living together. The pilot has just been uploaded and it's gone down really well so far, but I think it could be really big. I'll be making a video to promote it later in the week.

I have a different video going up tonight, I've already uploaded it once and youtube raped the quality so much I deleted it, even though I can't see how I can fix it. Oh well It's 86% uploaded on the second attempt and I'm not doing it again!

Well the main point of this post is just to let you all know about the cartoon, so here it is - please subscribe if you enjoy it as we are planning to make more.


p.s. as it's a totally new channel any help with promotion is greatly appreciated, anything from tweeting the link, featuring on your channel or just sending it to a friend on msn. Word of mouth advertising for the win!


Inbal said...

oh yes ive seen this video not a long time ago and i must say that it is probably the best video ever. [well cartooned video anyway].
it was just brilliant.
good job u guys =]

ariel said...

probably one if the funniest things ive seen on youtube in a while.
love it.

Minish said...

You know you manage to make my day just about every day, don't you?

Kali said...

That was a great episode! Funny, and the animation's cool. I subscribed, and I'm looking forward to the next one. :)

MikisthatChick said...

that video had me laughing soooo much. i simply adore it. i cant wait for more!

Cait said...

wow. That was great!
awesome idea for a channel =)

Jeff Edelman said...

Dave, for some reason I am surprised that I never heard a thing about this group cartoon project. But I shouldn't be surprised considering I have no idea what is going on with anything like this. But it's a great idea and I just watched the first episode and it was terrific. Good luck with it.

munchkinhugs said...


1) You can draw with your left hand!
2) The toon is cute =) & I shall definately be promoting it on my blog & channel (when I get around to making a video anyhow =P)

Love yah!