Monday, 1 December 2008

Lazy day

I'm trying to think of things I can do that will be productive but wont take up much energy as I'm still really tired, even after an 11 hour sleep.

I got a really good one that I've been meaning to do for a while, upload all the cover songs I've done to a site like mediafire, so people can download them. The Myspace worked well for a while, but now I have so many, and I can only put up 6 on there, that and it's totally fucked and nobody has been able to download anything for ages. So I'll upload them all individually and add links in the video descriptions. That will take quite a while, but it'll be worth doing.

Of course then I'll have that second myspace page with not much point to it. But I think I'll just put some of my older tracks or demos of new stuff on there, there's no point closing it down, with it I can have 12 songs on myspace instead of 6.

Might write a song as well, that can be relaxing. I tried a new tuning the other day that Tom uses - DADAAD, I like new/different tunings, as none of the regular chord shapes work it's really easy to think outside the box, you just start thinking about sounds instead of letters and shapes. So perhaps something in that.

First I'll probably write a blog telling you all the stuff I'm putting off doing by writing said blog.


John said...

You can upload your songs to my webspace if you would like. It might be easier than putting them all on sendspace or w/e.

(plus more peepz will look at my blog innit ;) )

Dave said...

Thanks John, but I've started now =P

doug said...

You're lucky... I had 7.5hrs sleep and then was stick sooooo tired today.

Me and the other new guy at work were being shown how to do stuff and having presentations by senior people about the work we'll be doing / how stuff works... and i had to fight WITH ALL MY MIGHT to not let them notice that my eyes COULD NOT STAY OPEN!!!

I swear they must have seen me sitting there with my eyes shut a couple of times, thinking wtf's he doing!? That and because i struggled to keep my eyes open when making eye contact, they probably thought i wasn't interested or just giving them evils!! D:

oh dearrry me, hope they dont kick me out!! haha

Anonymous said...

Yay for uploading all your covers. Most of them are better than the originals. It'll be nice to be able to walk around with them on my iPod. =)

Becky... said...

Gah. Last time I tried to download your stuuf, it was it some weird file type that mt computer reduses to play :(
It took me that long to actually download them in the first place, I almost cried.