Thursday, 11 December 2008

Crazy Charlie Fans

I was just on and I remembered something I was going to blog about a while back but didn't because it involved YouToon back when it was a secret. Well it's not anymore so...

Basically I sent Charlie the script and he sent me his lines. I listened to them in itunes and because I have a widget thing it recorded that I had listened to 'Charlie McDonnell - lines.' I noticed that the next time I was on the site and had a little laugh to myself. I also saw that Charlie had an actual page (Everyone seems to have a page on there... I did way before I found out about it, it's great!) I left a little comment that went something (exactly) like this:

lmao - I got charlie to say a few lines for a project, he sent them over and I listened to them in itunes... "Charlie McDonnell - lines" has just been added to my library! XD

Well the next day I got the following message from a user,

Hello. ^_^
I know it sounds a bit freakish but could you upload the lines that Charlie said? Our "Charlie is so cool like"-group would be very grateful. :)

Is it just me, or is that mental? Imagine listening to one persons lines from a show totally out of context! I can't remember if I told Charlie this, think I forgot. So Charlie: you have crazy fans. I know this is news to nobody, but still, it made me laugh.

Also if the guy who sent me that message happens to read this, I don't mean to make fun, you seem lovely - but you are a little bit mental. Still, who isn't?

p.s. Did you notice on my page - #1 related artist = The Nunes, and more importantly I am hers too! Epic win.

OH P.P.S! My previous post... That was taken from utubedrama, yes? Not my words. I saw a comment today from someone who seemed to think I was just saying that!


Anonymous said...

lmfao... I think to be a charlie fan, it's a requirement to be a little bit cooky! haha... i kidd i kidd

Anonymous said...

I'm not crazy! I just want to set Charlie saying "I can do what I like. I've got 100,000 subscribers. How many have you got? Ahahahahahahaha ha haha ha ack ha ack ack ack. We want to take your channel down!" as my ringtone.

This comment was more effort than it was worth.

But srsly, anyone with this level of obsession or worse (and I have seen it) over someone scares the hell out of me.

Viral Video Wannabe said...

Haha, yeah, it's both a blessing and a curse I'd assume.