Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Bloody Hell!

That went well!

I have about four times as much footage as I need so thank you all very much, I still think I can fit everyone in, and if you've already put effort in to it feel free to still send it over and I'll try to get you in there too. I still need to film my part and then edit it all, though I have done a lot of the laborious elements of the editing process tonight in the hope that it won't be uploaded too late. Thankfully I'm five hours ahead of nerdfighter central!

For anyone that doesn't know this is what's happening tomorrow and what I was asking for clips for. I've combined my video with a song, and a collab now! I had to include the song really because I think it'll be the last video I do before Christmas and the song is festive! The collab just came about by me not having thought of an idea for the video to go with the song, and I must say I'm impressed with your collective ability to compensate for my lack of organisational skills!

So yes, basically the idea is go promote all of the Project for Awesome videos and getting them to the top of the most discussed/top rated videos and with them links to a lot of great charities. A rather large group of nerdfighters will be doing this on all of the videos, but if you don't have time for that I'm hoping you will help out with mine, it's quite simple - just rate it and leave a shit load of comments!

One final thought... I have a second channel, which is linked to my partnership - so I can upload the thumbnail without having to double the length of the video. If anyone would like to use it for their P4A video then leave a comment on here. First come first served isn't really fair in this world of time zones so I'll pick one at random... Unless a close friend asks!

Ok then, goodnight!



Sadaofujiwarasan said...

Just want to say good morning Dave... Have a nice day =)

Anonymous said...

That's great. I didn't think you would get too many videos, but it's amazing that you did.
Good job.
I'm jealous.


Anonymous said...

I have nothing important to say, but ...

... I could not help noticing that all the chapters you wrote ended up with an exclamation point.

SO, I'm really looking forward the video. :D

doug said...

:0 crazy, i was up 30 minutes after you wrote that! xD