Tuesday, 2 December 2008

March 28th

I've been watching old brotherhood 2.0 videos tonight as I've not been feeling very well. I've realised it's become the thing I do when I don't feel well, like I used to watch films when I was off school sick. Films like Liar Liar and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I'd always meant to go back and watch the beginning as I was a latecomer to the Vlogbrothers channel, but if I remember correctly it took a late night in which I couldn't sleep because I had a cold to get me to start.

Well for some reason March 28th is taking freakishly long to load and I can't just skip it, that would be ridiculous! So I thought I'd write a blog and aim to finish at the same time as the red loading bar finishes. It's about half way so far.

In order to make this blog worth the time you've spent reading it I want to put an idea to you... I discovered that putting stuff on itunes takes a long time so I'm not making a Christmas EP, but I have already written one song and I thought for the video I could use footage of people doing their decorations. First of all I would like to know if people would be interested in sending me footage. I imagine quite a lot of people will because you guys are pretty fucking awesome. However I would like to make the video as soon as I am able to sing well again, which will hopefully be soon, so I would also like to know when you plan to put up your decorations, if you do that.

If you would let me know in the comments that would be lovely.

March 28th has loaded.

Bye. x


charlotte said...

i would send in footage :D

rachel said...

i'd love to try and send in footage =] with my bad quality camera and all. it seems like a wonderful idea. this is good timing because we haven't gotten up our tree yet. =p

Jo said...

don't know if you know about this but seeing as you tweeted about being in manchester this might work for the decorations idea

"Vinspired.com will be literally lighting up Christmas with our giant pedal powered trees! Come and see us in Hardman Square, Manchester (9th-14th Dec) and at the Hyde Park Winter Wonderland festival, London (16th-19th Dec). We’ll be looking for volunteers to keep the Christmas lights twinkling."

Jon said...

I'd be up for that as we haven't put ours up yet. Message me if you are still going ahead with it and I'll do it.


Dai said...

i would send you footage - even in widescreen if you want ;)

Tiger Lily said...

I'd like to do it too,
except, I'm not terribly sure how to record in widescreen :(
I hope that might not matter

munchkinhugs said...

I would LOVE to, but it doesn't look like we'll be putting up our Christmas tree this year because of my 21st party.. doesn't really suit the theme of superhero/villian alteregos.

Good luck with it =)

cheekychen said...

yeah man i'll send footage.. probably put some up this weekend.. well a tree at least :]

Elena said...

I would do it too! We usually decorate late so we shall see.

On a totally different note, I think that colds are contagious via the interwebs. I think this because whenever you say you’re sick on like your blog or twitter or whatever I get sick too! Weird. Maybe it's just a coincidence. AND Thursday I have to sing the Star Spangled Banner in front of a ton of people even though I have a cold. I hope I don’t sound too horrid!

Get well soon!

Becky... said...

I'm afraid my decorations are already up :(
But me and my friends are doing a bit of a mistletoe challenge at Flamboyant Bella tomorrow, if that's any use. (: